Best Promoter/Booking Agency

The 'anonymous' are not so bad after all. Monday of this week, the infamous Dallas, Denton and Ft. Worth music blog, WeShotJr.com posted the results for the 2008 we shot j.r. award winners; which was cast by online fill-in votes during the month of September. The results are posted below and I am really surprised, and grateful beyond words, that I won Best Promoter/Booking Agency. I would like to thank Chris Vivion of PVC Street Gang, Harry Hall at Pastime, Alan Cook of Us Two Records, Ross Boyd, all the bands that have played and the artists that have worked for POF, Wes & Ben at Club Dada, Albert & Glenn at The Lounge on Elm St. and to whomever voted for Parade of Flesh.

Best Band: Record Hop
Best New Band: Darktown Strutters
Best DJ: Schwa
*Best New DJ: Tommy Boy
*Best MC/ Hip Hop Artist: Damaged Goods
*Best Noise/Avant garde: Zanzibar Snails
*Best Metal (all genres): Akkolyte
*Best Punk/Hardcore/Grindcore/Garage: Wax Museums
Best Folk/experimental folk: Dust Congress
Best Indie Pop: Fight Bite/Teenage Cool Kids (tie)
Best Solo Artist: Sarah Jaffe
Best Local Album or Ep of the Year: Record Hop, s/t
Best Local Single of the Year: "Swiss Ex Lover" by Fight Bite
Best Vocalist: Daron Beck of Great Tyrant
Best Guitarist: Will Kapinos of Jetscreamer
Best Bassist: Tommy Atkins of Great Tyrant
Best Drummer: Steve Hill
Best Instrumentalist that doesn't play one of the above instruments: Megan Carrol of Nouns Group
Most Underrated band: Kaboom
Best Live Show: Teenage Cool Kids
*Best Art work: Nevada Hill for a variety of projects
Best Sound Guy: Justin Collins of Hailey's
Best Promoter/Booking Agency: Parade of Flesh
Best Local Spot to Record: Echo Lab
Best Dressed: Rival Gang
Worst Dressed band: Black Tie Dynasty
Worst Band Name: Mom and Black Tie Dynasty (tie)
*Best Local Music Journalist that isn't Us: Hunter Hauk of Quick, Dallas Morning News
*Best WSJR Commentator: Anonymous
*Best Local blog: US! (we set this up so that no one other than us could win)
Age When you Realized that D Magazine Covers Local Music Better than the Observer: 22
Best Good Ol' Fashioned Songwriter: Doug Burr
Best Venue: Rubber Gloves

*- indicates my votes