RTX w. Bob White & the F-Electrics on June 2nd

Saturday, June 2nd - RTX featuring the infamous Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux fame, are playing at Pastime Tavern 1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas, TX 75215 (near Lee Harvey's) with Dentron's Bob White & the F-Electrics . RTX are on the road to support their heaviest release for Drag City Records, WESTERN XTERMINATOR. This will be a packed house with limited capacity, so come early. Bob White & the F-Electrics go on at 10pm and RTX go on at 11pm. Beer, Wine and Setups.


CNN Headline News w. Robin and Company

On a transition from news segment to commercial, they played LCD's "Daft Punk is Playing At My House". A little too much for 8:30AM.


Coming Soon

Everything is coming together slowly. More info on shows coming up in May and June. Please add us as a friend to your myspace. Please allow us in 'your space'. Thank you Rob Viktum for quick assistance.

Dan Deacon "Snake Mistakes" Video

From saturday at Hailey's in Dentron. Dan Deacon was the highlight of the night for me, alan and gary. He almost blew ADULT. away. Parts & Labor also played. "Deacon Does Dallas" will be on June 13th, this time at the Cavern.


Speed Racer

I have been at Monkey Bar every Friday since Jan. 2006. I have never had a flyer, until this year. Now here is my second one:
Why is her head so big? (in so many ways)



Another Peter Bjorn & John song was used for an advertisement. This time for the new PONTIAC G6 Sedan. Sexy. Their album, Writer's Block, is going to be overused like Moby's Play was eight years ago. How depressing is it this? Lame commericals, now have better music than what is rotated on terrestrial radio! Too bad with TiVO, no one watches commercials anymore.