last video for 2007?

from the xmas show at City Tavern on the 20th:
Attractive & Popular: "Laqueesha"

2007 Recap

Solely for being encouraged to do so, I provide you with a recap of 2007 for Parade of Flesh. Enjoy:

Shows Booked: 21
Shows Cancelled: 2
Bands played: 40+
Bands cancelled: 5 or 6

Strange Boys/Brimstone Howl/Sean Kirkpatrick at Pastime Tavern on Oct. 6th and Antelope/Attractive $ Popular/El Paso Hot Button/Baltazar/Prince William on Dec. 20th
Bark Bark Bark’s so called DJ set after their live set @ Monkey Bar on Aug. 3rd
Ferdie of 400 Blows getting sick. He has left the band since.
Packed House(s):
She-Dick/Eat Avery’s Bones/Prince William @ Monkey Bar on July 20th, Witchcraft/Saviours/Vorvadoss @ Double-Wide on Nov. 2nd and the free xmas show on Dec. 20th
Unpacked House:
Birthday Suits/Maaster Gaiden @ Pastime Tavern on Aug. 20th
Local bands not promoting themselves.

Top Albums: (alphabetical order)
Big Business: Here Come the Waterworks (Hydrahead)
Burning Brides: Hang Love (self)
Dead Child: S/T EP (Cold Sweat)
El Paso Hot Button: When I Needed Sympathy (Little Mafia)
Interpol: Our Love to Admire (Matador)
Liars: S/T (Mute)
This Moment in Black History: It takes a nation of assholes . . (Cold Sweat)
VietNam: S/T (Kemado)
The Willowz: Chataugua (Dim Mak)
Wolf & Cub: Vessels (4AD)

Best Packaging/Format:
Horse the Band: Pizza EP (LIF)
No Age series of vinyl Eps (Various labels)
Radiohead: In Rainbows (self)

Recently Acquired

Recently Acquired:

Antelope: S/T Ep (Dischord/Bug)
Antelope: Crowns/The Flock (Dischord)
Antelope: Reflector 12" (Dischord)
Crystal Castles: Air War 7" (Trouble)
Crystal Castles/Hearts Revolution 6" (Hearts Challenger)
Dead Meadow: Old Growth (Matador)
The National: Boxer
The Raveonettes: Lust Lust Lust
Vertebrates: S/T (Bug)


Videos from City Tavern

Thank you to all who came out last night. I couldn't have asked for a better turn-out.

ANT3LOP3 "Dead Eye" & "Hollow You"

ATTRACTIVE & POPULAR . . . coming soon

EL PASO HOT BUTTON "James Ames Dame"


Idolator's 2007 Top 40 List Of Awesomeness

Here is an blurb on Big Business, which includes a video I shot at the Granada Theater.



December 20th, 2007 at City Tavern 1402 Main St. Dallas 75201
ANT3LOP3 (Washington DC - Dischord)
ATTRACTIVE $ POPULAR (Hot Springs - Gold Standard Labs),
EL PASO HOT BUTTON (Norman - Little Mafia)
and Prince William will dj between all bands and after.

ANT3LOP3 live on the radio:

Attractive & Popular "Dead Dear" at Pastime Tavern in Dallas:

El Paso Hot Button "Rubies & Pearl" at The Public Trust in Dallas:

Balthazar Dance Party in OKC:


Our 100th video is . . .

I am not certain of how many shows I have video or audio taped since 2002, but I am sure of the quanity on youtube, since they inform you upon login. AIDS Wolf will have the honor of being the 100th video uploaded to my youtube account.

AIDS WOLF @ The Public Trust: (11/11/07)

The Willowz: (11/30/07)

The Strange Boys @ Good Records:(12/01/07)

CLIPD BEAKS @ The Public Trust: (12/06/07)

Recently Acquired

Self-explanatory and more interesting than the local charts.

Arctic Monkeys: Favorite Worst Nightmare (domino)
Baroness: Red Album (relapse)
Clipd Beaks: Hoarse Lords 12" test pressing (Nail In the Coffin)
Clipd Beaks: Preyers (deleted art/tigerbeat6) (older release)
Crystal Castles/Health 7" (lovepump united)
Gravity Propulsion System: Days Like Razors (ascetic)
Japanther: Skuffed Up My Huffy (menlo park)
Red Animal War/Slowride (deep elm) (older release)
crystal castles/hearts revolution 6" (Hearts Challenger)


slight change in DJs

Due to obligations in H-Town, Sober will not be able to DJ our FREE xmas party at City Tavern (Main st. downtown) on Dec. 20th; Prince William and Justin from Pretty Vacant DJs will provide the musical interludes throughout the evening.


Our Next Show is FREE.

Free show. Parking in a garage across the street. Bands will end around midnight. First act on at 8

poster by nevada hill


our next show

Dec. 6th, 2007
CLIPD BEAKS (Oakland - tigerbeat 6/lovepump united)
@ the public trust. doors at 7PM. first band on at 7:30ish. NO BULLSHIT. will end early.

Interview w. EPHB and XMAS show announcement

Trying to conjure up notable bands (non-country) from the Norman/Oklahoma City area is difficult, if not arduous. A majority of folks would say Flaming Lips, then maybe Starlight Mints and less would recall the defunct Nixons. And just to ‘one-up’ others, music geeks could say 90’s R & B pop-sensation and Cross-Colors supporters: Color Me Badd (true). Hopefully people will add Norman’s El Paso Hot Button to that list of bands soon.

Mickey Reece, aka El Paso Hot Button, is a huge fan of Billy Ray Cyrus’ offspring Hannah Montana, his own album When I Needed Sympathy (Little Mafia) and detests the term “one-man band”. A unique solo performance of catchy garage and punk tunes, EL PASO HOT BUTTON will be playing our FREE XMAS PARTY on December 20th at City Tavern along with ANTELOPE (Washington DC - Dischord), ATTRACTIVE $ POPULAR (Hot Springs - Gold Standard Labs), BALTHAZAR (okc) and SOBER (Central Booking) to dj between bands and after. Yes, FREE. $2 parking across the street in a garage. Happy Christmakah. Here is a recent interview with El Paso Hot Button.

Parade of Flesh: When I Needed Sympathy transitions between genres of soul, garage and punk throughout the album. I hear influences of Black Keys and even the Detroit Cobras; but especially White Stripes on “Modern Civilization” and “Black: Son of Death”. If people could only hear one track to sum up the album, which would you tell them to listen to? And why?
Mickey Reece: Seeing how I've been trying to create my own genre of dissonant punk blues metal I'd say "They Invented it Stupid" is the track I’m most proud of. If all the songs could have been like that one I would be even happier with the album but alas that's not what came out when I wrote the songs. I get a-lot of White Stripes comparisons but they're not really an influence at all. "Modern Civilization" is actually a rip off of a Blue Cheer song.

POF: How does the new album compare to prior releases?
MR: As a whole this album is probably better than my two previous releases. SSSnakes was a split so I didn't have room to cover much ground and Turtle Wars was a tad hokey. This album is much more mature.

POF: Yeah, . . .Sympathy is definitely better. What did you do differently this time around?
MR: I just made a normal album. That's what I did differently.

POF: Reverting back to influences; If you were to cover a song for a random band, what would it be and why?
MR: Probably something by The Fall because those songs are easy to sing. Maybe "Take My Breath Away". I sang it last night at a karaoke bar in Hot Springs. Bobby (of A$P) loves it when I sing that song. Maybe I would butcher an Attractive and Popular song.

POF: “Take My breath away”? I think of TOP GUN for some reason. But A$P, are excellent and have played for us before back in June 07 and you are about to play with them in Dallas in December. Have you toured with them before? Do you have any good stories about their drummer, Trista?
MR: I met A$P a year or two ago. We actually have kind of a history but I don't have much time to go into it all. I have not toured with them but I'm sure we will at some point when they can afford me. There's this place called Boogie's in Hot Springs. I saw A$P play there a while back and Trista ripped off her shirt to reveal her nipple tassles. The crowd went wild as they often do when they play their hometown. She caught her drums on fire to end the show. Later she cooked us dinner and cleaned up after us! Sweet girl.

POF: You have a lot of guests on the album. Do you/have you played live with any of them?
MR: The cellist on the album belongs to a really rad band from Norman called Forty Minutes of Hell. He looks like Frasier Crane and he rolls his own cigarettes. The chick singing on the album plays in this rockabilly band from Oklahoma City called The Oh Johnny Girls. She's very pretty, too.
When I play locally she actually sings that song live with me. Very cool.

POF: Pros and cons of being labeled a “one-man band”?
MR: I'd say the pros definitely out weigh the cons in being a one-man band. I get all the money, I don't have to deal with shitty band members and I don't have to get a bunch of dudes together for practice. The cons are that people call it a one-man band. That term has been tainted by blues/country guys who play for two hours straight in a bar using a kick drum and a hi-hat. That's what you've come to expect from one-man bands so I've tried to distance myself from that term. Half-Man/Half-Band.

POF: I actually wrote a 'unique solo performance' about you over the using the "one man band" label. You did appear on "Attack of the One-Man Bands" so you cant get mad at folks. So that means you are a fan of Bob Log?
MR: Yea I know. There's no escaping the "one-man band" term. I just think it hurts more than it helps. I've seen Bob 4 times over the past 4 years. It's been the same material every time. He needs to do a new album but yea 'm a huge fan!

poster by nevada hill


three new videos . . .

all from double-wide last night.

KOJI KONDO: (full set)




Tuesday, Nov. 27th.
11PM Kill Me Tomorrow
10:30 Koji Kondo
9:30 Laura Palmer
Doors at 9PM
Double Wide. $5, 21+

Been to distracted and busy to do a proper write-up on this one. My apologies. Previously with Gold Standard Lab., KILL ME TOMORROW are currently between labels for their next release. This is their first Dallas show I believe. Undoing of David Wright did a few shows with them on tour a while back. Scroll below for the nice flyer Frances did for us.


Monkey Bar closing next fri.

friday the 23rd or sat. the 24th will be the last day at monkey bar. it will be shutting it's doors down sooner than anticipated.


our next show

San Diego's Kill Me Tomorrow w. Koji Kondo and Laura Palmer

Dead Dear by Attractive & Popular

Here is an exclusive new song off the forth-coming Attractive & Popular album. Filmed in June at Pastime Tavern.

Rubies & Pearls by El Paso Hot Button

Undoing, undone last night

Yeah undoing didnt play last night. Sorry, i was never informed that they were going to play their 'side-project' instead. Hence the lack of promotion on their end for the aids wolf show.


Sat's show moved to ZUBAR

Saturday's Estaw's show moved to ZuBar due to "miscommunication".

Its is now free, so it works out better for you.


Tres dias con da Flesh part II

The first time we were able to do three days with the flesh we brought to you: Ghosthustler, Faux Fox, Numbers, Glen Farris, Gowns, Sean Kirkpatrick, Brimstone Howl and The Strange Boys.

This time around we have for you:

Nov. 9th @ Monkey Bar
Killtronix will take over for me at 15min of Shame before midnight.
$Free; 21+ only. I start at 10PM

Nov. 10th @ Sloppyworld
Makermaker and Parade of Flesh present:
Fleshmaker starring . . .
ESTAW (Netherlands)/ Chew-Fu Phat (Amsterdam)/ $elect/ Prince William
Hosted by Pretty Vacant Djs
$5; 18+ Doors at 10PM

Be ready to dance and shake your booty. Let's help Sloppyworld start in a positive direction; it can only help 'the scene'.

Nov. 11th @ The Public Trust
AIDS WOLF (Montreal)/The Undoing of David Wright / El Paso Hot Button (Norman)/ Church of the Snake (Hot Springs - feat. members of Attractive & Popular)/ Pretty Vacant Djs between bands
Seripop will have posters on display and for sale in the shop.
$8; 18+ Doors at 8PM, Bands will end by midnight.

Montreal’s AIDS WOLF can be summed up with some over-used, yet applicable, words to describe their sound: chatotic, experimental, indie, noisy, punk and rock. Use your best judgement and try to associate it with bands you think fall into this category, but all you can really do is hope for some nudity on Sunday. They have a new release on Skin Graft Records: a split 7” bootleg with Pre called “Live Dates”, The Lovvers LP and a split 12” with Athletic Automaton. Chloe and Yannick of AIDS WOLF are also known as Seripop (aka Serigraphie Populaire), who have been making indie rock posters for close to 10 years. They had a print show at the old Art Prostitute in Dentron about 2 or 3 years ago, but have yet to exhibit in Dallas nor play a live show here. Please come out and make it worth their time.

I am also excited about the rest of the line-up. It has been a while since I have seen The Undoing of David Wright; hopefully we get the entire line-up? Holy shit, check out El Paso Hot Button’s new album, When I Needed Sympathy (Little Mafia Records), it is on my top 10 of 2007. Each track on the album flows into the next, with guest singers and evolving genres from garage to soul to punk. It should be a fantastic solo performance. The experimental Church of the Snake features members of Attractive & Popular (GSL). And to round out the night, Pretty Vacant Djs will play between bands.

three images for one show

it happens sometimes:

Videos from last night's show

Saviours playing "Cavern of Mind" off their new Cavern of Mind 12" (Kemado Records)

Witchcraft playing "Hey Doctor" off of their new album The Alchemist (Rise Above Records)


15min of Shame

Because of our Witchcraft show at Double-Wide (scroll below for more info); this friday, Prince WIlliam (Makermaker) will takeover for me at Monkey Bar. Sometime after 11PM.


sunday nov. 11th.


this FRIDAY, NOV. 2nd, the year of our lord 2007

WITCHCRAFT (Sweden)/SAVIOURS (Oakland) /Vorvadoss (Dallas)
at Double-Wide Bar 3510 Commerce St. 75226 Doors at 10PM $8 cover 21+ only.
This will be later than our normal shows, but come the fuck on its a friday night; so live a little.

We have not had a metal show in a while, so this should be a really great time and a good fit for Double-Wide. Both touring bands are making a stop in Dallas before their Fun Fun Fun Fest gig(s) in Austin on Saturday and Sunday. They both made an appearance on last year's amazing metal compilation INVADERS released by Kemado Records; which had tracks by bands such as Big Business, Danava, Dungen, High on Fire, Pelican and The Sword. Swedish doom-metal band Witchcraft are out promoting their new full length album, "The Alchelmist" (Rise Above Records), and an upcoming split 12" EP with Austin's The Sword (avail. from Kemado in mid-Nov). Oakland metal band Saviours are pushing their "Cavern of Mind EP" (Kemado Records); if you enjoy the nostalgia of HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, then you will have a keen interest in Saviours (For fans of early Metallica, Judas Priest and Slade).

Also, Witchcraft encourages audio and video recordings, just as long as you give them your contact info.


15min of Shame with this weeks guest: PRINCE WILLIAM
at Monkey Bar 408 Exposition 75226 at 10PM Free cover 21+ only.
Prince William will take over for me a little after 11PM, so I can go 'enjoy/handle' the show at Double-Wide.

No worries kids, half of the next few show will be 18+. Future show info will be posted sometime next week.


info for tonight

15min of Shame tonight will be will AC and CV and me...
Alan is in town, so this is a good chance for us to just play
some crazy random assortment of music between the
three of us.

monkey bar
10pm to 2am


What Alan missed.

Big Business w. Dale Crover of Melvins and Toshi (Melvins' soundman) performing "Just as the Day was Dawning" at Granada Theater in Dallas on Oct. 18th, 2007.

Brimstone Howl at Pastime Tavern on October 6th, 2007


Pretty Vacant DJs this Friday


upcoming GUEST DJs at Monkey Bar

I rounded up some DJs to fill-in for me while I prep for my certification exam in Dec.

The dates/Guests Djs are as follows:
15min of Shame w. . .
Fri - Oct. 19th - Pretty Vacant DJs
Fri - Nov. 2nd - Prince William
Fri - Nov. 9th - Killtronix
Fri- Dec. 7th - Keith P

I will play 10PM-11:30PM and guest(s) will take over at 11:30PM

more dates TBA as needed to suffice my studious schedule.
feel free to contact me if you want to get up on this.


Friday and Sat show info.


Monkey Bar - 408 Exposition Ave. Dallas TX 75226

11:30PM Gowns, an experimental/folk rock band from California, currently on Cardboard records (same label as Parts & Labor), are in town tonight to promote their debut album "RED STATE". Reminds me of Scout Nibblet and at times even Sonic Youth (when led by Thurston Moore). This is the first week of their tour, so come support them while they are 'fresh'.

10:30PM Dentron's Glen Farris is always fresh. So fresh and so clean. He might where a bandana tonight while he tries out some new tracks.

9:30PM 15min of Shame w. johnis to open and inbetween sets.



Pastime Tavern 1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas TX 75215

12AM Ex-Dallasites and now out of Austin . . . The Strange Boys . . . should be playing a decent amount of new songs, since they are in the middle of recording. Their Emo's show friday in austin is SOLD-OUT! The last time they played Dallas was in July at the Cambridge Room at House of Blues supporting Burning Brides.

11PM Brimstone Howl (Alive Records) are a blues-garage rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska. They have shared the stage with the Strange Boys a few times, so this should be a really fun show for both bands.

10PM Sean Kirkpatrick from Paperchase will open up with a solo set.

Doors at 9PM $6. 18+ BYOBOTTLE. Beer, Wine & Set-Ups available.


thanks faux fox for the flyer


thanks brian.

Parade of Flesh Presents...
Numbers: Live at The Public Trust
With Faux Fox and Ghosthustler

Thursday, October 4, 2007 // Doors at 8PM // Show starts at 9PM
$8 // 18+ // Complimentary Adult Beverages for Patrons 21+

Numbers is on tour with their latest release from killrockstars Now You Are This. Don't miss the opportunity to catch them with Faux Fox and Ghosthustler in an intimate setting.

Admission will be very limited due to the size of the gallery. Once we are full that is it, so come early and get a ticket.

The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St.
Dallas, TX // 75226 // 214.760.7170



some videos I should have posted in July

Both filmed back in July 2007, but I never received my copy of Final Cut, hence the delay.

Austin/Dallas'The STRANGE BOYS performing "Art for Arts Sake" and a cover of The Mighty Hannibal's "Baby, Please Change Your Mind". Catch them live this Saturday with Brimstone Howl (Lincoln, NE) and Sean Kirkpatrick of Paperchase.

BURNING BRIDES soundcheck of "Waring Street"


Best Fwends video

from wed. night.


thanks aaron



Parade of Flesh presents . . .
12AM BURNING BRIDES (philly/Los angeles)
fyi. the smallest show of the tour!
11PM Life-Death Continuum (Aaron from Akkolyte's new band)
10PM Best Fwends (Ft.Worth/Austin)

Sept 26th at Double-Wide Bar. yep. Their best show of the year.
$8 at door -or- $5 w. High on Fire ticketstub/wristband



more info tba.



sorry, but the show on sept. 15th is cancelled due to "scheduling conflict" for Best Fwends.



BACK to SCHOOL party tonight. (MONDAY)

Not another mundane Monday
and school actually starts in a week. . ..

11PM - Birthday Suits. (minneapolis/japan)
10PM - The XO (fortworth w. guest drummer)
09PM - Maaster Gaiden (carrollton)
08PM - John will start taking $5 at the door.
beer wine and setups avail.

17 and up.

Parade of Flesh


Guest DJ tonight at "15min of Shame"

Gregg Foreman, formerly of Delta-72s and the Lillys.
DJ set at monkey bar following the Cat Power show.


WSJR award nominations.

Weshotjr.com asked me and a six other locals their nominations/picks for their 2007 WeShotJr.com awards. ARTICLE TO READ

Upcoming shows:

Monday, Aug. 20th at Pastime Tavern - Doors at 8PM - $4.99 B.y.o.bottle.
10PM - The XO (ft.worth)
9PM - Maaster Gaiden (carrollton)

Saturday, Sept. 15th at Pastime Tavern - Doors at 8PM $5.99 B.y.o.bottle
11:00PM - BEST FWENDS (ft. worth/austin)
10:20PM - Akkolyte (east dallas)
9:40PM - Koji Kondo (dallas)
9:01PM - Ashlee Cromeens (of Record Hop) (dentron)

sorry we have been really busy, so not much other info to offer; if you know about these bands or are our friends, then come out b/c you know we only listen to good stuff.

john and chris.

ps.... shows coming up with numbers, strange boys, brimstone howl, sean kirkpatrick, undoing of david wright, faux fox, ghosthustler, pretty vacant djs, el paso hot button, church of the snake, and more tba soon.


July 27th

FRIDAY"S special guest is in town from HAMBURG, GERMANY . . .

"KAPUTTER ROCK" is an ex. texas local from bands such as:
DAY OF THE DOUBLE AGENT | THE RED TAPE MACHINE | V.D.O. (only true fans will know)

"KAPUTTER ROCK" will be playing krautrock, french prog, canterbury and zeuhl.

15min of shame w. johnis and kaputter rock


Monkey Bar 10PM-2AM
408 Exposition.


BARK BARK BARK - August 3rd.

Arizona's Bark Bark Bark will be making an appearance for us at Monkey Bar. The show is FREE and they will play a full set sometime after 10PM and then all the band members will dj after.


July 20th Birthday Party Info:

Please bring gifts to my birthday party on July 20th at Monkey Bar; celebrating my 30th year of existence.

Line Up:
10PM- Eat Avery's Bones | 11PM - She-Dick |
Prince William to DJ all night (and inbetween sets)
21+ Only at Monkey Bar 408 Exposition

Wishlist: (in no desired order) USED IS OKAY except on the porn mags and hats. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE if you bring me something. Seriously what is a birthday party without gifts such as cash, toys, action figures, legos, books, cds, vinyl, dvds, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS trading cards, porn, mags or movies. (no old, no fat and no black on white crime please). gift certificates to CHICK-FIL-A, something w. bling, something hip and cool, stuff w. skulls on it, artwork, art supplies, teacher supplies (no joke), t-shirts medium, hats (no sports, unless NY KNICKS or 76ers), even electronics; since my home stereo is broke.

thanks frances for the flyer. click to enlarge. print and put on your fridge.

EDIT: Article on She Dick from this week's Dallas Observer.


Parts & Labor review

thanks to eric for this REVIEW.


Since Kill Rock Stars posted the NUMBERS tour earlier today; I am confirming that they are playing for us at The Public Trust on Oct 4th. more info to come.

Thank you

Thanks so much folks, last nights' show could not have gone any smoother. After the show ended, the Ghosthustler crew played off their laptop and then Parts & Labor played three more songs for those who stuck around. An all-request set for about 15 people. Completely amazing. We really appreciate your support and this just encourages bands to spread the word about "Parade of Flesh". Thank you.

Here is "Parking Lot Nights" by Ghosthustler from last night:

The next round of videos will be 2-camera versions shot over the past few weeks by bands such as Attractive & Popular, Burning Brides, Parts & Labor and the Strange Boys.


Monday Night

PARTS & LABOR are an experimental-noise rock trio from Brooklyn, who are on tour promoting MAPMAKER; which was released on Jagjaguwar this past May. I am always impressed that they are able to emulate their albums in a live format without veering away from the original material. If you have never seen them, then you need to see them work their magic live. Besides knob twiddling with toys and keyboards, they mix it up with bass, guitar, a sick drummer and vocals on about half of their songs. They have only played in Dallas once before, which was at Good Records back in March 2006, so let's show them a good time. Music nerds and all around cool dudes, P & L will be hanging out if you want to bullshit with them before and after the show.

The well discussed and hyped electronic dance outfit from Dentron, GHOSTHUSTLER, will open the show up promptly at 10PM; Parts & Labor go on at 11PM; Doors at 9PM, only $4.99, age 18+ and the show will be over by MIDNIGHT! Beer, Wine and Setups are available; byo bottle. Pastime Tavern (click for map) Bring a friend and carpool.

Click to enlarge. print and put on your fridge to savour the memories.


Happy Birthday Soler

Here is an old video I shot of Soler tagging Matilda Street Bridge in Jan 2005. Writer and dillatante Aaron Barker interviews him throughout the clip. Please enjoy and masterbation is highly encouraged.


Interview w. 400BLOWS and A$P

Interview with Scott Lee Martin of 400 BLOWS and Bobby Missile of Attractive & Popular

Full time guitarist for Los Angeles’ punk rock trio, 400 BLOWS, Scott Lee Martin is a big fan of G.G. Allen & the Jabbers, homosexual advertisements on myspace, sleeping on kitchen floors and was unsuccessful at dropping the kids off at the pool in Turbonegro’s green room at Emo’s. I interrupted Scott’s social time on Saturday evening for a quick chat.

Parade of Flesh: Why are you at my house?

Scott Lee Martin: Because you’re very fun.

PoF: Can you expand upon that?

SLM: If you don’t mind legal ramifications, then . . . Yes I can. Do you want me to just list the things we’ve done tonight or what?

PoF: Sure, go for it. I can always edit it later.

SLM: We went and saw a friend’s band play (Attractive & Popular) that was very good. And then we came to your house, “_ _ _ _ Central”. So good, thank you so much for being so shady, ‘cause we need more people like you on our team. I’m glad you’re on my side because we think a like. We need to stick together, that’s good stuff.

PoF: Why didn’t you play for us last night (June 29th)?

SLM: Quite unfortunately our drummer, (Ferdinand Cudia), has been stricken with a terrible plague that is ravishing his body and he is in the hospital and we can’t even visit him; it’s very serious. And I’m very sorry because I really wish we could have played the show ‘cause you’re awesome and all that. After going to your show tonight that you put on, I really wish we could have done it. And you know, we really tried; we woke up Ferdi every four hours while he was asleep and gave him his medicine and just tried to nurse him back to health; and he was so thankful. And then I was asleep and I guess he woke up and said “I need to be taken to the hospital, right now”. He couldn’t even open his eyes. He’s really fucked. It sucks. All prayers and thoughts go out to him please.

PoF: What other bands have you been in prior to 400 BLOWS?

SLM: So fucking many. Bedroom Walls, Book of Giant Pets, My Barbarian, Crumb, Snake vs. Wizard, STT-46, I could do this all fucking night. Seriously I could say names of bands I’ve been in for three days straight and I should just stop at the ones that I feel are important or that are my friends. And those are the ones I said.

PoF: How’d you hook-up w. 400 BLOWS?

SLM: Skot (lead singer) parties, I party. We live in the same town (Los Angeles).

PoF: Do you have a title for the new album?

SLM: Yes we do. Should I really dispel that here, is that okay? Yeah, SIDEWAYS CROSS it’s a concept, not a concept record; but a concept.

PoF: You are headed home tomorrow, correct? What are you doing after that?

SLM: Finish Sideways Cross and be on with it. Once that’s done and pressed and in our hands we can go tour. Everything is out of press. We sold out of everything and it’s kind of pointless to tour with just t-shirts. So it’s back to making bullets to go for the hunt.

PoF: Tell me about vultures.

SLM: (laughs) “Feeding the vultures” was a concept that Skot and I had we had some really paranoid crazy night together. Not really being the most healthy individuals at the time we decided that the next tour we we’re going to do was going to be called “Feeding the Vultures” because someone was going to die and vultures were going to eat them. And basically we’re vulture food going out there because it’s very cutting it close all the time with us because we really enjoy pleasure and it really fucks us in the ass a lot of the time. It just seems like around every single fucking corner because of the how we live our lives that we’re going to just be dead on the street and vultures are going to be picking at us. It has nothing to do with us or you. It has everything to do with nature taking its course on us because we’re dead. It’s kind of just a gamble. . . “No, Come on in dude” (walks in Bobby Missile of Attractive & Popular). It’s kind of a gamble if we’re going to come home alive. Actually, there are people in Los Angeles that have a death pool for me every time we go on tour. They're like “Ah, dude I give him three weeks. I give him fuckin’ two months.” Skot and I laugh at that and we think, oh fuck, we will just call it “Feeding the Vultures” because we are basically vulture food asking to be taken away from this life. We are going out in a blaze of glory, either way.

PoF: Hey asshole, thanks for interrupting our interview. What’s your name?

Bobby Missile: Bobby

PoF: Bobby what?

BM: Bobby Missile.

PoF: From?

BM: Attractive & Popular

PoF: From?

BM: Hot Springs National Park Arkansas.

SLM: From?

PoF: What label?

BM: Gold Standard Laboratories

SLM: From?

PoF: Run by?

BM: Sonny Kay

PoF: Why are you at my house?

BM: Because I played a show in Dallas and you booked it and we needed a place to crash.

PoF: How was tonight?

BM: It was awesome.

PoF: And any other comments?

BM: Thanks. And thanks for hooking us up.

PoF: Any other shows you have coming up soon in the DFW Metro area?

BM: We have a show in Denton, Rubber Gloves July 5th, with the Undoing of David Wright on July 5th.

PoF: And?

BM: A show at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth, but I can’t remember the date right off the top of my head. (FYI, its July 9th)

PoF: What’s the name of your new album sir?

BM: Money Equals Magic.

PoF: Tell me about it.

BM: I don’t know it’s a rock album . . .

SLM: This is the fucking funniest album cover.

*We interrupt the interview while Scott starts pulling out some of my vinyl. In this case, DAS OATH’s “Das Oath 9” (Coalition Records); which comes with a 12 page color booklet w. some ‘interesting’ pictures.

PoF: Hold on, you need to open the liner notes. Seriously, it’s fucking ridiculous.

SLM: Yeah I saw it.

PoF: Bobby, what do you think of Das Oath?

BM: They rock pretty hard.

PoF: Do you like trannies?

BM: (laughs) Not particularly.

SLM: Oh my god.

PoF: Oh my god.

BM: Oh my god.

SLM: Sweet fuckin’ jumping, feathery Jesus. This is so disgusting. This is so rad. These guys have real fuckin’ balls.

PoF: You think (Das Oath) has too much free time.

SLM: No, they have balls. They really stuck to a very perverse, disgusting idea.

PoF: Any plans for Attractive and Popular in the future?

SLM: No.

BM: Keep it rockin’.

SLM: Keep it hummin’ in that hole, buddy.

PoF: Anything to your fans for next week?

BM: Keep it rockin’.

PoF: Keep it rockin’ you hear it from me. Good night.


to everyone that came out for Stag Film and Attractive & Popular. We could not have asked for a better turnout. Both bands were great and enjoyed themselves tremendously.

And FUCK YOU to every asshole from that came for Stag Film and wanted to be difficult and start shit over a $5 cover. Get over it.

Attractive & Popular are playing in dentron on Thursday w. Undoing of David Wright.



Despite that awful rain, thank you for coming out last night to the Weedeater, Mitra and Wo Fat show. Weedeater will probably return in Oct.

TONIGHT: (Saturday)

11PM Attractive & Popular
10PM Stag Film

$4.99 18+ ok. byob for 21+
beer, wine and setups avail.

1503 S. Ervay St. i-30 and ervay st. exit (behind ambassador hotel)



(friday) tonight's show at pastime...
only $5


11:30PM WEEDEATER (Southern Lord)
10:30PM Mitra (ex-speedealer)
9:30PM Wo Fat (dallas stoner rock...)

1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas TX



Due to the drummer's illness, 400 Blows has cancelled the rest of the tour.

Weedeater/Mitra still on. cover will be $4 or $5. to be determined later today...


400 BLOWS video - NEW

We were going to edit this video, but we decided against it because that the single shot in this video is very fluid and appropriate. 400 BLOWS "The Man Who Danced Himself to Death" live in Dallas on June 13th, 2007. (FYI, they are playing PASTIME on June 29th as they head back to the west coast).

P&L/Ghosthustler flyer

thanks frances


400 Blows preview & review

The first thing to take note of when seeing a show at the Loft at the Palladium on Lamar St., is the amazing view of downtown Dallas, perfectly visible behind the stage and from the outside terrace. On Wednesday evening I went to the Loft to run video for Los Angeles' punk-metal trio 400 BLOWS, who were a month in on their tour with Mouth of the Architect and Amphetamine Reptile veterans UNSANE.

400 BLOWS performance was tight and solid, the best I have seen them play. It has been at least 2 years since I've caught them live and first with this current line-up. Skot's vocals were loud, mean and clear. Ferdi's drumming was completely ruthless and their new guitarist, also named Scott, but with a 'C', has some scandalous moves while he plays. He seems to seductively sway his hips while generating feedback and distortion from his guitar. The entire band was "into" the performance and it showed. They played The Ugly Are so Beautiful, The Root of Our Nature, The Beauty of Internal Darkness, World's Largest Minature, ? something new ?, Premature Burial, The Sore Thumb and Electric Wilderness. Since they prefer small rooms, I am even more excited for their upcoming show at Pastime Tavern. I was not able to stay for UNSANE, but the 2 songs I heard from Mouth of the Architect, sparked my interest in seeeing them next month at Hailey's opening up for Made Out of Babies.

Be prepared in two weeks when 400 BLOWS returns to Dallas, this time to headline, on June 29th w. Weedeater and Mitra.


just announced IV

There should be a new genre called "Dentronica" = Denton + Electronic. This is just to say Dentron's GHOSTHUSTLER will be opening for Brooklyn's PARTS & LABOR at Pastime Tavern on July 9th. This is a great line-up for any night of the week, but uber-delicious for a Monday. Once again, over by Midnight so the adults can get to work the next day and not be grumpy.

Dwarves video w. some local "suicide girls"

The Dwarves played a surprise show at Trees last night! Actually this would be true if last night was Oct. (or Nov.) 29th, 2004. It's good to know that breasts are shown around throughout the year and not just during Mardi Gras. Can someone name these local wanna-be Suicide Girls? These girls must have been really tossed, b/c I am not sure who would let the aging HeWhoCannotBeNamed suck on their tits. Hopefully by now you would infer, from the above clues, that the video is NSFW.


another flyer

Thanks to MITRA for this one. I love how everyone participating locally in our "Too Knight Spectacular" on June 29th & 30th are making contributions in some form.

NO AGE's sexy-time VINYL explosion

The two dudes in Los Angeles' NO AGE (ex-WIVES) decided to jack-off each other and the end result was wax. Lots and lots of wax. In the past few months they have released five vinyl eps (four 12"s and one 7") on these labels: Deleted Art (Amsterdam), Post Present Medium (Los Angeles), Teenage Teardrops (Los Angeles), Upset the Rhythm (London), and Youth Attack Records (New York City). I am a vinyl geek, so I thought this was a great project for No Age. Collect 'em all while you can, since they are all in runs of only 500 each. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

EDIT: I forgot to mention the back of all the EPs spell N O A G E . Picture to come soon.


ugly flyer for our next two shows in june

Too Knight Extravaganza at Pastime Tavern on June 29th & 30th. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


400 BLOWS video (older)

This old footage I shot back in March 2005 features 400 BLOWS' original line-up. Supposedly Christian's (the guitarist) replacement was his own brother, scott!

They will be hitting Dallas twice in the month of June. First, will be opening up for Unsane on the 14th and then two weeks later, headlining at Pastime Tavern with Weedeater and Mitra on June 29th as part of our "TOO KNIGHT SPECTACULAR" on June 29th and 30th.

A$P : Stag Film flyer

thanks Francis. Seriously. CLICK TO ENLARGE.


Stag Film video

Here's video of STAG FILM peforming "Elvis Rally" at Monkey Bar, back in February.

Their next show will be at Pastime Tavern with ATTRACTIVE $ POPULAR on June 30th as part of our "TOO KNIGHT SPECTACULAR" on June 29th and 30th.

just announced III

Denton's Prince William, one-half of KrispeeOnes, has been added to the Johnis' Birthday Extravaganza at Monkey Bar on July 20th. Please remember to bring me gifts.



Earlier today, RTX came down with a case of “van trouble” while in Austin. Obviously the show has been cancelled and will be rescheduled later in the year. Life happens and you will get over it.

Be warned, I will be grinding against some poor soul tonight.

Upcoming Shows:
JUNE 29th - $6.99 at Pastime Tavern
400 BLOWS (Narnack, Buddyhead, GSL) : Weedeater (Southern Lord) : Mitra (local)
JUNE 30th - $4.99 at Pastime Tavern
A$P aka Attractive & Popular (GSL) : Stag Film (local) w. special guests

JULY 9th - $4.99 at Pastime Tavern
Parts & Labor (Narnack, Carboard, Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar) : one tba (local)

JULY 20th – FREE, bring gifts at Monkey Bar
She-Dick (local), Eat Avery’s Bones (local), one tba (local)

Aug – TBA
Oct - TBA
Nov - TBA

just announced II

Eat Avery's Bones has been added to the July 20th Johnis' Birthday Extravaganza at Monkey Bar. She-Dick is still headlining. One more TBA. Intially I was only going to have one band (She-Dick) and I was going to dj, but an old friend is coming in town, so I would rather book more bands/djs, make it crazy-fun, so I can hang out with her and everybody else as much as possible that night.

And it's my friggin' birthday, so BRING GIFTS. Seriously, show some goddamn class and respect and bring presents to a fuckin' birthday party. You get two bands and one dj for free, so cave-in and buy me something. AND NO, I DO NOT WANT "DRINKS", besides having an open tab at Monkey Bar, I would geniuinely like to receive presents for my birthday. Go figure.


just announced

Brooklyn's Parts & Labor (currently on Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar, Narnack and Carboard Records) will be playing a show for us at Pastime on July 9th... more info to come.


RTX=Rad Times Xpress - June 2nd at Pastime Tavern

In the 1990s, Royal Trux rampaged, sometimes trampled, through shows via the cliched romance+narcotics route. In 2004, sans Neil Haggerty, Jennifer Herrema went out on her own and created a new band under the name RTX aka Rad Times Xpress. RTX will be playing at Pastime Tavern this Saturday, June 2nd, to promote WESTERN XTERMINATOR, their 2nd full length on Drag City (and their heaviest release thus far).

Expect an extremely loud and energetic hard-rawk show with tons of unnecessary, yet absolutely entertaining, guitar and drum solos. Cowbells guaranteed!!! RTX go on at 11PM and Dentron's Bob White & the F-Electrics open the show at 10PM. Doors at 9PM, $6.99 while supplies last. 21+, Beer, Wine and Setups available. B.Y.O. BOTTLE. Come early due to limited capacity. $3 more if under 21.

Journey of a Gluttonous Woman

A woman I work with constantly grosses me out with her consumption of sweets throughout the day. Two weeks ago I decided to keep track of it. This list is in no way comprehensive, because she could have eaten in the morning prior to work and in the car prior to pulling up. And who knows what she ate when I wasn't watching her or when she went home. Keep in mind our average day runs from only 8:15AM to 3:45PM. At least I will be at a different school in August.

Soda/coke in hand the ENTIRE day.

08:30 - Cherry Flavored Ring Pop and food wrapper(s) from Whataburger on desk

09:20 - Another Cherry Flavored Ring Pop

11:00 - At least 2 to 3 snack size nerds, a 3 sour-flavored pixie sticks and 3 to 4 snack size snickers (all within a ten minute period)

11:40 - besides her healthy lunch of just fried chicken and biscuits, she then ate a Fudgecicle, two chocolate chip cookies and 3 sour-flavored pixie sticks

13:00 - one "3 Musketeers" bar

15:30 - at least one cookie upon my depature from the building.


Buddyhead vs. Interscope

I am completely floored upon hearing Wires on Fire's (Buddyhead) bass player, Mike Shuman, is now in Queens of the Stone Age (Interscope). What a massive leap from crummy indie rock clubs to global television and festival appearances. Good for him. It reminds me of a few years earlier when, infamous guitarist, Aaron North left the Icarus Line (Buddyhead/V2/Dim Mak) to join Nine Inch Nails (Interscope). Could the previously notorious Buddyhead be the minor league farm team for Interscope Records? Maybe Buddyhead isn't really 'indie' after all?

Watch Mike (far right, stage left) while in Wires on Fire, shot at Rubber Gloves in July 2006. It is not the best footage of him. I will upload more in the future.

Below is a video I shot of the Icarus Line during a daytime show at SXSW 2004. Three songs are in this video; "Spit On It" , "Skipping Church" and "Party the Baby Off". Aaron is in black (far left, stage right).


Glass Candy "Life After Sundown" video

Last night at ART CLUB, formerly known as Avenue of the Arts, G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y/ peformed sans drummer. The show was fun if you like grinding against young, out-of-shape, hipster chicks. So, yes, I had a good time. And who was the girl that kept asking my name? For your information, you have very nice D.S.L.

The only downside last night was Ida No's vocals sounded as if she was performing karakoke on a Thursday at Meridian Room. Johnny Jewel even grumbled afterwards that he was not pleased with the sound/PA system. As there was not one, or at least not one he was satisfied with? Just listen to the end of this clip. Zachary filmed this epic gootube masterpiece with one of my older DV cams.



another Friday at Monkey Bar for 15min of Shame w. johnis. As usual, b.y.o. cds, vinyl and/or ipods. G/LA/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y/ is playing down the street at "Art Club", which is the new Avenue of the Arts place. So I might skip out for a bit and catch the show w. Bradley.

Yeah, I have the summer off. Almost.


Willowz "Evil Son" Video

This is the 2nd half of "Evil Son". Filmed at Pastime Tavern on May 21st, 2007. enjoy.



For a rainy Monday evening, we could not have asked for a better turnout. The Willowz were very thankful and said it was one of the better turnouts on this tour. We thank you and hopefully we can bring them back later in the year. I think Sarah Reddington enjoyed themselves, hard to tell. Our next show is in about 10 days, on June 2nd w. RTX (aka Rad Times Xpress, -ex Royal Trux)(Sunset Beach, CA) and Bob White & the f-electrics (denton).


Some press.

We shot jr wrote a blurb about us today. Much appreciated, guys. The site is always an entertaining read; especially with all the "anonymous" people bickering with each other within the comments section.


Two upcoming shows (actually Four)

We are throwing a series of 4 small shows till the end of June at Pastime Tavern. (scroll below for more info)

First up is The WILLOWZ (Anaheim) w. Sarah Reddington (Denton) on May 21st

Second is RTX (LA) and Bob White & the F-Electrics (Denton) on June 2nd


The Willowz BBQ on May 21st

Come join us for a BBQ with garage rock revivalists THE WILLOWZ (Anaheim, CA) on Monday, May 21st. Their new album, Chautauqua, is on Dim Mak Records. The Willowz are making a pit-stop on their way back home and it is also Richie's birthday. BBQ at 8pm, music starts promptly at 10pm. Pastime Tavern 1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas, TX 75215 (near Lee Harvey's).

Flyer for RTX show on June 2nd

Thanks to the guys in Bob White & the F-Electrics for this flyer:


RTX w. Bob White & the F-Electrics on June 2nd

Saturday, June 2nd - RTX featuring the infamous Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux fame, are playing at Pastime Tavern 1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas, TX 75215 (near Lee Harvey's) with Dentron's Bob White & the F-Electrics . RTX are on the road to support their heaviest release for Drag City Records, WESTERN XTERMINATOR. This will be a packed house with limited capacity, so come early. Bob White & the F-Electrics go on at 10pm and RTX go on at 11pm. Beer, Wine and Setups.


CNN Headline News w. Robin and Company

On a transition from news segment to commercial, they played LCD's "Daft Punk is Playing At My House". A little too much for 8:30AM.


Coming Soon

Everything is coming together slowly. More info on shows coming up in May and June. Please add us as a friend to your myspace. Please allow us in 'your space'. Thank you Rob Viktum for quick assistance.

Dan Deacon "Snake Mistakes" Video

From saturday at Hailey's in Dentron. Dan Deacon was the highlight of the night for me, alan and gary. He almost blew ADULT. away. Parts & Labor also played. "Deacon Does Dallas" will be on June 13th, this time at the Cavern.


Speed Racer

I have been at Monkey Bar every Friday since Jan. 2006. I have never had a flyer, until this year. Now here is my second one:
Why is her head so big? (in so many ways)



Another Peter Bjorn & John song was used for an advertisement. This time for the new PONTIAC G6 Sedan. Sexy. Their album, Writer's Block, is going to be overused like Moby's Play was eight years ago. How depressing is it this? Lame commericals, now have better music than what is rotated on terrestrial radio! Too bad with TiVO, no one watches commercials anymore.


a long hiatus

This site was suppose to be finished this past October, upon my return from the Northeastern US portion of the Swearing At Motorists tour, but that obviously didn’t happen due to some miscommunication and whatever personal drama the web designer had going on. I pretty much just said fuck it, I will deal with it after the holidays, since I myself got wrapped up in garbage. Being down over half a year really bummed me out. In the interim I started checking out some local music blogs gorillavsbear.net, bigDlittled and argument central: weshotjr.com. In not-so-local, chunklet.com started adding a lot content to their site in the latter half of the year. Wow… I had A/V Club and they came up with A/V Lab. At least CHUNKLET rules. If they sucked, then I would really gripe.

Please be patient with me as things develop here over time. I am still taping shows and all of my old videos that were originally posted up are on my http://youtube.com/user/paradeofflesh

For the past year, I have been a mood enhancer at Monkey Bar in Dallas every Friday from 10pm to 2am. The night is called 15min of Shame w. johnis Bring your ipod, cds or vinyl and I will play around 15 minutes of your music.