Despite that awful rain, thank you for coming out last night to the Weedeater, Mitra and Wo Fat show. Weedeater will probably return in Oct.

TONIGHT: (Saturday)

11PM Attractive & Popular
10PM Stag Film

$4.99 18+ ok. byob for 21+
beer, wine and setups avail.

1503 S. Ervay St. i-30 and ervay st. exit (behind ambassador hotel)



(friday) tonight's show at pastime...
only $5


11:30PM WEEDEATER (Southern Lord)
10:30PM Mitra (ex-speedealer)
9:30PM Wo Fat (dallas stoner rock...)

1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas TX



Due to the drummer's illness, 400 Blows has cancelled the rest of the tour.

Weedeater/Mitra still on. cover will be $4 or $5. to be determined later today...


400 BLOWS video - NEW

We were going to edit this video, but we decided against it because that the single shot in this video is very fluid and appropriate. 400 BLOWS "The Man Who Danced Himself to Death" live in Dallas on June 13th, 2007. (FYI, they are playing PASTIME on June 29th as they head back to the west coast).

P&L/Ghosthustler flyer

thanks frances


400 Blows preview & review

The first thing to take note of when seeing a show at the Loft at the Palladium on Lamar St., is the amazing view of downtown Dallas, perfectly visible behind the stage and from the outside terrace. On Wednesday evening I went to the Loft to run video for Los Angeles' punk-metal trio 400 BLOWS, who were a month in on their tour with Mouth of the Architect and Amphetamine Reptile veterans UNSANE.

400 BLOWS performance was tight and solid, the best I have seen them play. It has been at least 2 years since I've caught them live and first with this current line-up. Skot's vocals were loud, mean and clear. Ferdi's drumming was completely ruthless and their new guitarist, also named Scott, but with a 'C', has some scandalous moves while he plays. He seems to seductively sway his hips while generating feedback and distortion from his guitar. The entire band was "into" the performance and it showed. They played The Ugly Are so Beautiful, The Root of Our Nature, The Beauty of Internal Darkness, World's Largest Minature, ? something new ?, Premature Burial, The Sore Thumb and Electric Wilderness. Since they prefer small rooms, I am even more excited for their upcoming show at Pastime Tavern. I was not able to stay for UNSANE, but the 2 songs I heard from Mouth of the Architect, sparked my interest in seeeing them next month at Hailey's opening up for Made Out of Babies.

Be prepared in two weeks when 400 BLOWS returns to Dallas, this time to headline, on June 29th w. Weedeater and Mitra.


just announced IV

There should be a new genre called "Dentronica" = Denton + Electronic. This is just to say Dentron's GHOSTHUSTLER will be opening for Brooklyn's PARTS & LABOR at Pastime Tavern on July 9th. This is a great line-up for any night of the week, but uber-delicious for a Monday. Once again, over by Midnight so the adults can get to work the next day and not be grumpy.

Dwarves video w. some local "suicide girls"

The Dwarves played a surprise show at Trees last night! Actually this would be true if last night was Oct. (or Nov.) 29th, 2004. It's good to know that breasts are shown around throughout the year and not just during Mardi Gras. Can someone name these local wanna-be Suicide Girls? These girls must have been really tossed, b/c I am not sure who would let the aging HeWhoCannotBeNamed suck on their tits. Hopefully by now you would infer, from the above clues, that the video is NSFW.


another flyer

Thanks to MITRA for this one. I love how everyone participating locally in our "Too Knight Spectacular" on June 29th & 30th are making contributions in some form.

NO AGE's sexy-time VINYL explosion

The two dudes in Los Angeles' NO AGE (ex-WIVES) decided to jack-off each other and the end result was wax. Lots and lots of wax. In the past few months they have released five vinyl eps (four 12"s and one 7") on these labels: Deleted Art (Amsterdam), Post Present Medium (Los Angeles), Teenage Teardrops (Los Angeles), Upset the Rhythm (London), and Youth Attack Records (New York City). I am a vinyl geek, so I thought this was a great project for No Age. Collect 'em all while you can, since they are all in runs of only 500 each. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

EDIT: I forgot to mention the back of all the EPs spell N O A G E . Picture to come soon.


ugly flyer for our next two shows in june

Too Knight Extravaganza at Pastime Tavern on June 29th & 30th. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


400 BLOWS video (older)

This old footage I shot back in March 2005 features 400 BLOWS' original line-up. Supposedly Christian's (the guitarist) replacement was his own brother, scott!

They will be hitting Dallas twice in the month of June. First, will be opening up for Unsane on the 14th and then two weeks later, headlining at Pastime Tavern with Weedeater and Mitra on June 29th as part of our "TOO KNIGHT SPECTACULAR" on June 29th and 30th.

A$P : Stag Film flyer

thanks Francis. Seriously. CLICK TO ENLARGE.


Stag Film video

Here's video of STAG FILM peforming "Elvis Rally" at Monkey Bar, back in February.

Their next show will be at Pastime Tavern with ATTRACTIVE $ POPULAR on June 30th as part of our "TOO KNIGHT SPECTACULAR" on June 29th and 30th.

just announced III

Denton's Prince William, one-half of KrispeeOnes, has been added to the Johnis' Birthday Extravaganza at Monkey Bar on July 20th. Please remember to bring me gifts.



Earlier today, RTX came down with a case of “van trouble” while in Austin. Obviously the show has been cancelled and will be rescheduled later in the year. Life happens and you will get over it.

Be warned, I will be grinding against some poor soul tonight.

Upcoming Shows:
JUNE 29th - $6.99 at Pastime Tavern
400 BLOWS (Narnack, Buddyhead, GSL) : Weedeater (Southern Lord) : Mitra (local)
JUNE 30th - $4.99 at Pastime Tavern
A$P aka Attractive & Popular (GSL) : Stag Film (local) w. special guests

JULY 9th - $4.99 at Pastime Tavern
Parts & Labor (Narnack, Carboard, Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar) : one tba (local)

JULY 20th – FREE, bring gifts at Monkey Bar
She-Dick (local), Eat Avery’s Bones (local), one tba (local)

Aug – TBA
Oct - TBA
Nov - TBA

just announced II

Eat Avery's Bones has been added to the July 20th Johnis' Birthday Extravaganza at Monkey Bar. She-Dick is still headlining. One more TBA. Intially I was only going to have one band (She-Dick) and I was going to dj, but an old friend is coming in town, so I would rather book more bands/djs, make it crazy-fun, so I can hang out with her and everybody else as much as possible that night.

And it's my friggin' birthday, so BRING GIFTS. Seriously, show some goddamn class and respect and bring presents to a fuckin' birthday party. You get two bands and one dj for free, so cave-in and buy me something. AND NO, I DO NOT WANT "DRINKS", besides having an open tab at Monkey Bar, I would geniuinely like to receive presents for my birthday. Go figure.