just announced

Brooklyn's Parts & Labor (currently on Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar, Narnack and Carboard Records) will be playing a show for us at Pastime on July 9th... more info to come.


RTX=Rad Times Xpress - June 2nd at Pastime Tavern

In the 1990s, Royal Trux rampaged, sometimes trampled, through shows via the cliched romance+narcotics route. In 2004, sans Neil Haggerty, Jennifer Herrema went out on her own and created a new band under the name RTX aka Rad Times Xpress. RTX will be playing at Pastime Tavern this Saturday, June 2nd, to promote WESTERN XTERMINATOR, their 2nd full length on Drag City (and their heaviest release thus far).

Expect an extremely loud and energetic hard-rawk show with tons of unnecessary, yet absolutely entertaining, guitar and drum solos. Cowbells guaranteed!!! RTX go on at 11PM and Dentron's Bob White & the F-Electrics open the show at 10PM. Doors at 9PM, $6.99 while supplies last. 21+, Beer, Wine and Setups available. B.Y.O. BOTTLE. Come early due to limited capacity. $3 more if under 21.

Journey of a Gluttonous Woman

A woman I work with constantly grosses me out with her consumption of sweets throughout the day. Two weeks ago I decided to keep track of it. This list is in no way comprehensive, because she could have eaten in the morning prior to work and in the car prior to pulling up. And who knows what she ate when I wasn't watching her or when she went home. Keep in mind our average day runs from only 8:15AM to 3:45PM. At least I will be at a different school in August.

Soda/coke in hand the ENTIRE day.

08:30 - Cherry Flavored Ring Pop and food wrapper(s) from Whataburger on desk

09:20 - Another Cherry Flavored Ring Pop

11:00 - At least 2 to 3 snack size nerds, a 3 sour-flavored pixie sticks and 3 to 4 snack size snickers (all within a ten minute period)

11:40 - besides her healthy lunch of just fried chicken and biscuits, she then ate a Fudgecicle, two chocolate chip cookies and 3 sour-flavored pixie sticks

13:00 - one "3 Musketeers" bar

15:30 - at least one cookie upon my depature from the building.


Buddyhead vs. Interscope

I am completely floored upon hearing Wires on Fire's (Buddyhead) bass player, Mike Shuman, is now in Queens of the Stone Age (Interscope). What a massive leap from crummy indie rock clubs to global television and festival appearances. Good for him. It reminds me of a few years earlier when, infamous guitarist, Aaron North left the Icarus Line (Buddyhead/V2/Dim Mak) to join Nine Inch Nails (Interscope). Could the previously notorious Buddyhead be the minor league farm team for Interscope Records? Maybe Buddyhead isn't really 'indie' after all?

Watch Mike (far right, stage left) while in Wires on Fire, shot at Rubber Gloves in July 2006. It is not the best footage of him. I will upload more in the future.

Below is a video I shot of the Icarus Line during a daytime show at SXSW 2004. Three songs are in this video; "Spit On It" , "Skipping Church" and "Party the Baby Off". Aaron is in black (far left, stage right).


Glass Candy "Life After Sundown" video

Last night at ART CLUB, formerly known as Avenue of the Arts, G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y/ peformed sans drummer. The show was fun if you like grinding against young, out-of-shape, hipster chicks. So, yes, I had a good time. And who was the girl that kept asking my name? For your information, you have very nice D.S.L.

The only downside last night was Ida No's vocals sounded as if she was performing karakoke on a Thursday at Meridian Room. Johnny Jewel even grumbled afterwards that he was not pleased with the sound/PA system. As there was not one, or at least not one he was satisfied with? Just listen to the end of this clip. Zachary filmed this epic gootube masterpiece with one of my older DV cams.



another Friday at Monkey Bar for 15min of Shame w. johnis. As usual, b.y.o. cds, vinyl and/or ipods. G/LA/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y/ is playing down the street at "Art Club", which is the new Avenue of the Arts place. So I might skip out for a bit and catch the show w. Bradley.

Yeah, I have the summer off. Almost.


Willowz "Evil Son" Video

This is the 2nd half of "Evil Son". Filmed at Pastime Tavern on May 21st, 2007. enjoy.



For a rainy Monday evening, we could not have asked for a better turnout. The Willowz were very thankful and said it was one of the better turnouts on this tour. We thank you and hopefully we can bring them back later in the year. I think Sarah Reddington enjoyed themselves, hard to tell. Our next show is in about 10 days, on June 2nd w. RTX (aka Rad Times Xpress, -ex Royal Trux)(Sunset Beach, CA) and Bob White & the f-electrics (denton).


Some press.

We shot jr wrote a blurb about us today. Much appreciated, guys. The site is always an entertaining read; especially with all the "anonymous" people bickering with each other within the comments section.


Two upcoming shows (actually Four)

We are throwing a series of 4 small shows till the end of June at Pastime Tavern. (scroll below for more info)

First up is The WILLOWZ (Anaheim) w. Sarah Reddington (Denton) on May 21st

Second is RTX (LA) and Bob White & the F-Electrics (Denton) on June 2nd


The Willowz BBQ on May 21st

Come join us for a BBQ with garage rock revivalists THE WILLOWZ (Anaheim, CA) on Monday, May 21st. Their new album, Chautauqua, is on Dim Mak Records. The Willowz are making a pit-stop on their way back home and it is also Richie's birthday. BBQ at 8pm, music starts promptly at 10pm. Pastime Tavern 1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas, TX 75215 (near Lee Harvey's).

Flyer for RTX show on June 2nd

Thanks to the guys in Bob White & the F-Electrics for this flyer: