Thanks for Frances for redoing my site after years of attempts by others (no bullshit). Anyway, it is a 'work in progress' and hopefully much more interesting overall.



Another FREE show

This time on MONDAY, October 20th with:
11PM THE DEATH SET (sydney/baltimore/nyc)
10PM PVC Street Gang
9PM Sydney Confirm
Tommy Boy to DJ inbetween bands
FREE for 21+ (DONATIONS will be appreciated)
$10 for under
at the Lounge on Elm St | 2810 Elm St
Doors at 8PM

This will be The Death Set's third visit to DFW this year. In May, they played two shows on the same day at Good Records and The Loft (opening for Bonde De Role) and in June at 1919 Hemphill (opening for Matt & Kim). They are out promoting WORLDWIDE (counter/ninja tune), which is their first proper full length album. The former duo, tours with dual drummers and incorporates loads of electronic beats and lo-fi samples into their set; which ranges from a chaotic diy punk sound to 90's alternative and even snippets of old-school hip-hop. In 2006, they were voted "best live band" in Baltimore.

Video of The Death Set covering Nirvana's TOURETTE's at Good Records and The Loft Dallas:

Next FREE SHOW will be on NOV 9th with:
PARTS & LABOR(brooklyn)
True Widow

Thursday's Show Info

An intimate evening with eclectic pop-folk artist BART DAVENPORT of San Francisco/Oakland funk band HONEYCUT. He is currently out on the road to support his fifth album, Palaces (antenna farm).

Doors at 8PM | ALL AGES | Club Dada | 2720 Elm St
$6 for over 21, $10 for under
8:30PM - Arab on Radar DVD Screening
9PM - Cocky Americans
10PM - Nervous Curtains (aka Sean Kirkpatrick of Paperchase's band)


Recently Acquired

"Recently Acquired" has been consistently posted every two weeks, but I made an exception this week because a lot came through.

AKIMBO - Navigating the Bronze 12" (alternative tentacles)
AKIMBO - Forging Steel and Laying Stone 12" (alternative tentacles)
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - Freedom Metal (cruz del sur)
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL/VALIYRIE - Split 7" (heavy birth) - red vinyl
BLOOD OF THE SUN - Death Ride 12" (brainticket)
DEMONS CLAWS - Fucked On Ketamine/Always Be My Friend 7" (rob's house) 1000 presssed, all black.
GOLDEN TRIANGLE - Prize Fighter, Red Coats/Night Brigade 7" (rob's house) gold 45, 100 pressed. 500 in black were also pressed.
HUNX & HIS PUNK - You Don't Like Rock N Roll/Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love 7" (rob's house) - clear 45, 100 pressed. 500 black pressed too. Already out of print. Features a scratch off cover sleeve

MONOTONIX - Body Language (drag city) - A Jewish Jimi Hendrix on Guitar, Borat on Drums and Gallagher on Vocals.

The NIGHTMARCHERS - 2008 Tour 7"s #1 and #2 (swami) - Both are hand stamped by John Reiss, who has a habit of pressing Tour Only 7" releases, as they did with his last band Hot Snakes. #1 is the black stamped 7" and features the songs Scene Report ( ? cover), Big Enough and Love Death & Cell. #2 is the red stamped 7" and has two songs, which are Rock-a by Maybe & Mystery Machine.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - S/T 12" (important) - pink, 2nd pressing ltd to ???
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - Missing You/Sunbeam 7", I Know I'll See You/Half Awake 7", Breathe/Runaround 7" (vacancy) - Fully silkscreened sleeves pulled by band. Set limited to 500 copies

RESIGNED TO FATE - Hands Tied Down 12" (dada drumming) - red with black splatter
The SELMENAIRES - Princess Illusionist Frankenstein/Beneath The Brights 7" (rob's house) 500 pressed, all black.

SIAN ALICE GROUP - The Dusk Line 12", Remix 12" (the social registry)
SIAN ALICE GROUP - 59.59 dbl 12" (the social registry) - gatefold sleeve w. digital download
SIAN ALICE GROUP - Nightsong 7" (the social registry) - 750 hand numbered
SONIC CHICKEN 4 - Midnight Girl/Toe Man 7" (rob's house) blue 45, 100 pressed. 500 black. Already out of print


Akimbo pics, LORDS setlist

On Friday, AKIMBO played their entire new album Jersey Shores (neurot) in its entirity. I thought that was a nice change from most shows I book or go too. Resigned to Fate was really awesome, too bad their last show is coming up at Reno's (opening for Watain) in two weeks. First Curse wasn't everyone's 'cup of tea' but they are slowly making a name for themselves in Austin.
Here are a few pictures I shot with my cell (my videocamera has been acting up, so I didn't bring it):

On Saturday, LORDS completely slayed, but as a two piece. A brutal 23min set with some silly antidotes and inside jokes between lead singer Chris Owens and Josh B of Rubber Gloves. Just a few days into their Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers tour, Chris Owens of the LORDS (louisville, ky) 'dropped' his bassist in so many words. Due to a recent physical altercation between the two men, LORDS are now touring as a duo. Chris was even sporting a shiner on his left eye. I thought it was shitty that everyone left after Children of the Grave. I would love to have Four Days to Burn on another show very soon.
Set list from LORDS last night:
01. Robbed, Raped & Beaten
02. Why I Don't Give a Fuck
03. Waist Deep in Shit
04. Blasphemy Act
05. Fucking with Fire
06. Leginald of Reginald
07. I Know What You're Doing
08. To Kill or Die Trying
09. When No One's Looking
10. Man, Everything Sucks
11. 'Cause All of You Are Fucked
Video from LORDS coming eventually...

here is the blog entry from LORDS' myspace (i was unaware that this was already out there)
Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Why LORDS will be touring as a two piece in October
Trying to keep character defamation to a minimum I'll state just the facts:
LORDS played at Cahoots on Oct 4th.
After the show Matt Jaha refused to load his own bass equipment, and demanded that I do it for him, he also demanded that I pay him "$40 for playing the show" (there was $158 total from the door at the show, all of which was paid to the touring bands, Virgins and Monikers).
Upon refusing both demands, Matt said that I was being "self centered and narcisistic". He complaied that I make him "work for free" in Lords and since he is 1/3rd of the band he wants to be compensated appropriately. I told him that if he wants to share 1/3rd of the profit from LORDS then he can pay me about $2,000 then we would share in the "profit" of the band (which is actually a several thousand dollar deficit caused by merch bills and vehicle upkeep which are all funded by my credit card when the band fund is dry. Matt has never paid out of pocket for any such expenses and the finacial situation of the band was explicitly discussed before he agreed to join the band). He then engaged in what can only be described as a temper tantrum...throwing his gear around the back of the venue. He kicked over and threw down his cabintes, knocking the grill off of one of them, then he picked up my EMC head by the handle on the side of the amp and threw it in to the trailer.
I then punched him in the face. Matt whined a little about how he didn't understand why I did, so I had to explain to him that if he wants to purposely abuse or destroy his own property then (no matter how stupid it may be) that's fine, but if he purposely abuses or destroys property that belongs to anyone else then he should be prepared to accept the consequences (a concept that though easily understood by most was and still is not understood by Matt Jaha).
Matt then says in all seriousness "since you hit me, now you have to let me hit you". I tell him that's not the way it works...that if he wants to step over to the side in a open spot then we can sqaure off propperly, and I'll let him make the first swing...he declines that offer...but decides to take a shot at me a couple of minutes later after the situation has started to diffuse, he caught me a little off guard and got a hit in, then I began pounding his head.
Doug Walker (who plays in two other bands with Matt) and Eric quickly intervene, Doug grabs me from behind and starts pulling me back...Eric try's to get between Matt and I...Matt is pulling my hair...I'm trying to swing around Eric and get to Matt's head....and at one point accidently clip Eric a little...apologizing immediately....the brief exchange is broken up and when the dust settles Jaha has some cosmetic damage but is otherwise fine.
Matt then trys to pull the victim card and makes some comments about how much smaller he is than me (a fact he should have thought about before he took a swing)...and how he didn't want to go on tour anyway, and how he's sick of my "redneck shit". I told him that was cool, that he no longer had to worry about going on tour and that I was tired of his "spoiled rich kid" shit.
There was then a brief debate whether or not he - being the son of a millionaire contractor that feels entitled to things most people define as luxuries, who has no sense of personal responsibility, no respect for other people or other peoples property and who has never been faced with the prospect of real destitution because his dad puts him on company payroll when ever he fucks up and gets fired from a a job - could be described as a spoiled rich kid.
Note, Jaha has already been kicked out of Coliseum, Black Cross and Pusher for various behaviours related to the above mentioned personality traits....and when inviting him to play in Lords I thought that he would have learned something form those experiences but I guess I was wrong.
Needless to say, Matt Jaha will not be playing bass in the band anymore, and rather than cancell the upcoming tour Eric and I decided to do it as a two piece...I just get some more amps to make up for the bass...
When we return home we will be haveing formal bass player tryouts, the list off iron fisted, totallitarian, completley unreasonable and unfair nazi like expectations Eric and I have out of a bass player are:
- be able to play the songs
- be able to tour and leave the country
- be able to practice in louisville ky when necessary
- show up on time for tour and shows
- understand that if you purposely damage or endanger our van, equipment or anything else belonging to us then we will purposely damage or endanger your face.
Interested parties please drop me an email - hfs5yar@gmail.com, or give me a call - 502-751-xxxxx
Chris Owens.


AKIMBO, Friday Info - mp3s

AKIMBO's newest album, Jersey Shores was recorded with Chris Owens of LORDS, who is playing on Saturday. I really did try to get them to play the show together, but was not successful.

Formerly on Alternative Tentacles, AKIMBO is a thunderous and classic hardcore metal trio from Seattle that has been touring and releasing music for almost 10 years. Their newest effort, Jersey Shores, is their sixth full-length album, which will be released on October 28th by Neurot Recordings.

AKIMBO - mp3s "Wizard Van Wizard" and "Huge Muscles"
FOUR DAYS TO BURN (fort worth)
FIRST CURSE (austin)
October 10th
The Lounge on Elm St
2810 Elm St 75226
Doors at 9PM, Show at 10PM
Free for Ladies 21+
$6 for guys 21+, $10 for 18+

LORDS info, Saturday

I have been wanting, trying and waiting to book the abrasive and sonically assaulting LORDS (Louisville, KY) in Dallas for almost two years. They are worth the wait and I would recommend bringing ear plugs for their set on Saturday night.

LORDS are out in support of their new album Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers, which is being released on October 14th. From their press release:
If you ever wondered what the Pixies would sound like playing Slayer songs Lords is here to put your mind to rest. Like a combination of South of Heaven and Surfa Rosa, the Louisville, KY based band features ex-members of Coliseum and Lick Golden Sky. Lords don’t just write songs. They abuse their listener with an attack strategy of soaring discordant melodies, rock bombasts and grooves all churned together into two minute rock assaults.

Children of the Grave (teenager Black Sabbath cover band)
Resigned to Fate (2nd to last show??)
Saturday, October 10th
the Lounge on Elm St
Doors at 9PM, Music at 10PM
Free for Ladies 21+
$6 for guys 21+, $10 for 18+

Bring ear plugs.

Monotonix Review and Slideshow

Here is an article from the DC9 Blog on the Monotonix/El Paso Hot Button/Best Fwends/Rival Gang show this past Thursday. There is a Photo Slideshow as well.

Note: The Monotonix show ran a little late because City of Dallas Fire Marshals came in for a surprise inspection right when Monotonix was about to play. I think the inspectors would have had a heart attack if they witnessed Monotonix's opening song when they lit the drumsticks and cymbals on fire. Due to that and Monotonix's reputation for live antics, I chose to delay the show until the Fire Marshals left. Sorry to those with surface dweller jobs that the show did not end at midnight.

My review: The Dallas show was actually better and more intimate than the Austin gig. And I personally think the line-up was rounded off well with Best Fwends and Rival Gang on the Dallas bill. Both shows were brutal and chaotic, but my friends and I had more fun in the small environment at The Lounge on Elm St over the Outside of Mohawk. Mohawk is still a stellar, top notch venue, probably one of the best in the country. The Dallas show was the most fun I have had at a show in years. Monotonix reminds me of the live antics of OXES blended with the shoving match crowd at a Lightning Bolt show.

Additional photos and video coming soon.

UPDATE: Sonic Itch show review and pictures from Austin.

Best Promoter/Booking Agency

The 'anonymous' are not so bad after all. Monday of this week, the infamous Dallas, Denton and Ft. Worth music blog, WeShotJr.com posted the results for the 2008 we shot j.r. award winners; which was cast by online fill-in votes during the month of September. The results are posted below and I am really surprised, and grateful beyond words, that I won Best Promoter/Booking Agency. I would like to thank Chris Vivion of PVC Street Gang, Harry Hall at Pastime, Alan Cook of Us Two Records, Ross Boyd, all the bands that have played and the artists that have worked for POF, Wes & Ben at Club Dada, Albert & Glenn at The Lounge on Elm St. and to whomever voted for Parade of Flesh.

Best Band: Record Hop
Best New Band: Darktown Strutters
Best DJ: Schwa
*Best New DJ: Tommy Boy
*Best MC/ Hip Hop Artist: Damaged Goods
*Best Noise/Avant garde: Zanzibar Snails
*Best Metal (all genres): Akkolyte
*Best Punk/Hardcore/Grindcore/Garage: Wax Museums
Best Folk/experimental folk: Dust Congress
Best Indie Pop: Fight Bite/Teenage Cool Kids (tie)
Best Solo Artist: Sarah Jaffe
Best Local Album or Ep of the Year: Record Hop, s/t
Best Local Single of the Year: "Swiss Ex Lover" by Fight Bite
Best Vocalist: Daron Beck of Great Tyrant
Best Guitarist: Will Kapinos of Jetscreamer
Best Bassist: Tommy Atkins of Great Tyrant
Best Drummer: Steve Hill
Best Instrumentalist that doesn't play one of the above instruments: Megan Carrol of Nouns Group
Most Underrated band: Kaboom
Best Live Show: Teenage Cool Kids
*Best Art work: Nevada Hill for a variety of projects
Best Sound Guy: Justin Collins of Hailey's
Best Promoter/Booking Agency: Parade of Flesh
Best Local Spot to Record: Echo Lab
Best Dressed: Rival Gang
Worst Dressed band: Black Tie Dynasty
Worst Band Name: Mom and Black Tie Dynasty (tie)
*Best Local Music Journalist that isn't Us: Hunter Hauk of Quick, Dallas Morning News
*Best WSJR Commentator: Anonymous
*Best Local blog: US! (we set this up so that no one other than us could win)
Age When you Realized that D Magazine Covers Local Music Better than the Observer: 22
Best Good Ol' Fashioned Songwriter: Doug Burr
Best Venue: Rubber Gloves

*- indicates my votes


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008

In exactly one month, my homie El Paso Hot Button will be playing the first day of this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest. If I am not filming, then I will be hustlin' merch. I managed to snag a little spillover in Dallas with ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead on Nov. 7th at Club Dada and Parts & Labor (and Lipstick Terror) on Nov. 9th at The Lounge on Elm St; but that should only encourage you to venture down to Waterloo Park in Austin on the 8th and 9th of November. As an added bonus Lipstick Terror will be playing an afterparty in Austin on the 8th. The us two records EPHB/Lipstick Terror split 7" will be avail. all weekend at their shows.

Appearing at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008:
Stage 1:
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The National, Atmosphere, Minus The Bear, The Black Heart Procession, St Vincent, Black Angels,Trail of Dead, Deerhoof, Rival Schools, Islands, The Annuals, Bishop Allen, Centro-matic, Frightened Rabbit, Spinto Band, Parts and Labor, Colourmusic, Experimental Dental School, 27, Til We're Blue or Destroy, Paul Green's School of Rock, Ume, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Stage 2:
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Neil Hamburger, Tim Fite, Magnetic Morning (adam franklin of Swervedriver, sam fogarino of Interpol), Kevin Seconds (of 7 seconds), the Cynics, Ugly Beats, Walter Schreifels (of quicksand, rival schools, GB, YOT), Pepi Ginsberg, James Petralli (of white denim), El Paso Hot Button, The Revival Tour w/: Chuck Ragan (of hot water music), Tom Gabel (of against me!), Ben Nichols (of lucero), Tim Barry (of avail), Coldtowne Comedy Hr, Altercation Punk Rock Comedy hour, Matt Beardan, Chris Fairbanks, Dragonboy Suede, Golden Arm Trio, Grampall Jookabox, Spot & Albert

Stage 3:
Bad Brains, ALL, Dead Milkmen (reunion/only show), Adolescents, Integrity (reunion/only show), Bouncing Souls, Swingin Utters, DOA, Killdozer, Cromags (jam), Scared of Chaka, Young Widows, Leftover Crack, Trash Talk, World Burns to Death, Krumbums, Mammoth Grinder, Cute Lepers, Bitter End, High Tension Wires, Born to Lose, Camp X-Ray, Municipal Waste

Stage 4:
Clipse, Z-trip, Dan Deacon, Grupo Fantasma, Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon, Octopus Project, Dengue Fever, Brownout!, Franki Chan, Toxic Avenger (paris), Hawnay Troof, Starlynx/bigface, Richard Henry, YACHT, J*davey, Zeale and Phranchyze, Terp2it, Shane Tyson

FFF Fest is brought to you by Transmission Entertainment


Recently Acquired

In the past two weeks:
AIDS WOLF - Cities of Glass LP (lovepump united) - orange and mint splatter vinyl
AKIMBO - Jersey Shores (neurot)

COCONUT RECORDS - Nighttiming (young baby) - Actor Jason Schwartzman's solo project. Features Kirsten Dunst on vocals for two tracks.

EARLY MAN/RAMMER - Speed And Spikes Vol. 4 7" (relapse) - one orange vinyl (400), one orange w. green splatter (500), out of 1000 pressed, sticker on sleeve says Vol. III

FUCKED UP - Crooked Head/I Hate Summer 7" (matador)
MOGWAI - The Hawk Is Howling (matador) includes dvd
The MOJOMATICS - Don't Pretend That You Know Me (ghost)
RTX/MONOTONIX - Split 7" (volcom) hand numbered out of 500; RTX does a cover of vintage wrestler, Michael Hayes' opening theme song, when he entered the ring.

SIX FINGER SATELLITE - Massive Cocaine Seizure 7" (sub pop)
SIX FINGER SATELLITE - Live at the A.C.I. 7" (sub pop)
SOFT TARGETS - Heavy Rainbow (cloud 13)

Mexican Summer is a new division of Kemado Records. Mexican Summer will be releasing limited edition vinyl with a digital download. The first three releases, which I picked up locally at Good Records, are as follows:

MEX 001 DUNGEN - Satt Att Se - orange and gold haze (300), hand numbered out of 1000
MEX 002 NACHTMYSTIUM - Worldfall - grey with black splatter (500), hand numbered out of 1000
MEX 003 HEADDRESS - Turquoise - black, hand numbered out of 500

Future releases are scheduled from Marissa Nadler, The Tallest Man on Earth, The Orkustra, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Valet and more.


Wed Night Info, videos and mp3s

Wed. Oct. 8th.
MONOTONIX (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Drag City/Volcom, "Summers & Autumns" mp3 - Expect dangerous antics and fire (hopefully not). Monotonix has been building a steady word of mouth for their insane live shows for the past three years. This will be their final US tour for a while.

EL PASO HOT BUTTON (norman) - "Solo dissonant punk" in the vein of Jon Spencer Blues meets Arab On Radar. EPHB will also be opening for Monotonix at The Mohawk in Austin on the 9th. After that he will be touring with The Chinese Stars. He will also be releasing his first 7", a split with Lipstick Terror (via us two records).

BEST FWENDS - Four mp3s avail. at RCRD LBL Popular everywhere but in Texas!! Show some love for this native Ft.Worth and Austin duo that plays quirky and catchy punk songs with two singers and an ipod. I can't recall specifically, but one of their songs was used in a Coca Cola or Bacardi commercial.

Rival Gang I needed a band with female members, so it wasn't a total bromance all evening. Rival Gang is an energetic and potentially offensive female post-punk band from Dentron.

All Ages at the Lounge on Elm St. for this special last-minute engagement.
2810 Elm St. Dallas TX 75226 Doors at 8PM. $8 for 21+, $12 for under

MONOTONIX - video of "Summers and Autumns" & "Body Language"

MONOTONIX - live in austin

both filmed by gitty



One of the most legendary bands out of the East Coast noise rock scene, ARAB ON RADAR, released a DVD via ThreeOneG Records on September 18th. Titled Sunshine for Shady People, the DVD documents AOR's short history through live, fan and behind-the-scenes footage. Two members of AOR went on to form The Chinese Stars; who will be touring in October, making a stop in Dallas at The Lounge on Elm St on Oct 24th with El Paso Hot Button, Darktown Strutters and Cosmic Cocks.

Parade of Flesh will be hosting DVD Screenings at:
Fallout Lounge, 835 Exposition, 75226 - On Oct. 7th at 9:30PM Sharp before Disco Disqo Djs
Club Dada, 2720 Elm St, 75226 - On Oct. 16th at 8:30PM Sharp before Cocky Americans' Set
The Lounge on Elm St, 2810 Elm St, 75226 - On Oct. 24th at 8PM Sharp before Darktown Strutters' Set

here is a preview:

Just Announced: Monotonix in Dallas on Oct 8th

Due to the cancellation of the RTX tour, MONOTONIX (Tel Aviv, Israel) had to shuffle some dates/cities around. So instead of playing OKC, they will be playing in DALLAS on October 8th (WED) with EL PASO HOT BUTTON at the Lounge on Elm St. The Lounge has been gracious enough to allow ALL AGES in for this last minute event. $8 for over 21 and $12 for under 21. Doors at 8PM. Dentron's Rival Gang to play at 9PM.

Monotonix and El Paso Hot Button will be playing the following night, Thursday, Oct. 9th at the Mohawk in Austin. I will be helping El Paso Hot Button, so please say hi if you know me.

UPDATE 10/03: BEST FWENDS are now on the bill.

Cheap Time video

Two songs, one video. Taken from the Jay Reatard show that didn't happen.
"Too Late", followed by "Glitter & Gold" (volume a little low, so turn up your speakers. Duh!)

thanks for steven g for filming this for me.

RTX Cancels US Tour

A year later and RTX cancels another a show in Dallas, but this time it is more authentic than 'van trouble' (and its their whole tour, not just one city).

Below is an email from their agent:
RTX are going to have to cancel their entire US Tour due to a family emergency that the guitarist is experiencing. It is just impossible at this time for the band to find a way to make this tour work given the circumstances. On behalf of Jennifer Herrema and RTX, we are extremely sorry about this cancellation as I know that this is a huge disappointment and jeopardizes the entire show. This was the band's album release tour and the band too is heavily affected by this cancellation as now the band will have to wait till 2009 to promote this new album.


new Kylesa video

Once in a while, when I manage to find the time, I still film shows I do not book. Below is footage I shot of a new and unreleased track by KYLESA, who opened for Pinback at the Loft. Thanks to the Loft and Kylesa for allowing me to film. The lighting was spectacular.


Think Outside the Bun

Since the Cambridge Room at House of Blues was recently changed to the so subtle and clever, The Pontiac Garage, I have been paying attention to annoying and inappropriate sponsors lately.

This summer while filming a random show in Austin, I came across a mall-punk band from Long Island called Blameshift; they would probably play at The Door if they were to come through Dallas. What’s so special about them? Nothing. The only reason I mention them is that I think it is amusing that they are sponsored by TACO BELL (and many others). Companies, such as FYE and Hot Topic are legitimate sponsors for bands, but Taco Bell doesn’t really make any sense to me. You would never question a vice, such as alcohol or cigarettes sponsoring a band or a tour, even clothing companies, but Taco Bell is out of place. I made a joke about it to the lead singer of Blameshift, asking if they made them sing a song about beans or what? And she said Taco Bell sponsors only five bands a year. Then told me she takes the Taco Bell bucks and buys the cheapest thing on the menu, then uses the change to go eat somewhere else just as shitty. She also touted that the majority of the locations do not hassle her about the change and the rest of the band doesn’t mind eating there all the time.

This got me thinking about bands being sponsored by fast food restaurants or other unrelated companies. The most obvious business that initially came to mind was, Kentucky Fried Chicken aka “KFC” on the streets. I can seriously imagine KFC sponsoring three acts: 1) Kool Keith, 2) Buckethead and 3) Flaming Lips. Kool Keith use to throw fried chicken and pornography out to the audience on his past tours. The artist known as Buckethead, wears a KFC bucket on his head during interviews and performances; hopefully, his name indicated that. And finally, lead singer Wayne Coyne worked for many years at an Oklahoma City KFC location during the early days of the Flaming Lips.

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits gave cards to Beyonce & the other ladies of Destiny’s Child that entitled them to eat at any location for free for life. How ironic that the person that doesn’t need the free food is the recipient, all because they mentioned Popeyes as their favorite food in an interview back in the day. By the way, and I know you are not keeping track, but Popeyes has recently changed their name to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Way to milk Katrina!

Of Montreal used alternative lyrics from their song Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games for an Outback Steakhouse commercial. That’s pretty bad that they compromised the track, unlike Hot Chip, which practically handed Geico Insurance an album for all thr commercials with the Cavemen.

There was really no point to any of this, other than to reflect the fact I was bored when coming up with it. I will probably add to this whenever I come up with something to add.

EDIT 10/03: Wayne Coyne supposedly worked at Long John Silvers. The internet is for rumors and false information.


Recently Acquired

ARAB ON RADAR - Sunshine for Shady People DVD (threeoneg) - more info and local screening coming soon

EAT AVERY'S BONES - Decadent Sluts (self)

- Split 7" (us two) - Black Test Pressing (one of three) for our first release under us two records. It sounds great, but I might be a tad biased in this particular situation. The EPHB/Lipstick Split will be formally released in October with colored vinyl limited to a pressing of 300; including: full sleeve artwork, a cdr and insert.

KYLESATo Walk A Middle Course (prosthetic)
THEE OH SEES/The INTELLIGENCE - Split 12" (mount saint mountain)
THESE ARE POWERSTaro Tarot (dead oceans)
THESE ARE POWERSTerrific Seasons (hoss)
TY SEGAL - S/T? (castle face)

WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTHSnacks (emperor jones) – Snacks is an Eight track Ep released prior to Not Noice. When Dinosaurs . . . first seven inch will be released on me and Alan’s label us two records, by the end of this year or early 2009. When Dinosaurs . . . will be opening for . . . and you will know us by the Trail of Dead at Club Dada on Friday, November 7th. Advance tickets can be purchased through frontgate tickets.


Video from last week

Here is video I shot last Tuesday at my show with WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH at The Lounge on Elm St, opening for These Are Powers. When Dinosaurs . . . are going into the studio in the coming days to record this track "Cold Blooded":

coming soon, videos from:
Kylesa at the Loft last Thursday

Health from my b-day this past Summer

Early Man from the Valient Thorr show at Dada in August

Cheap Time from the cancelled Jay Reatard show at Dada in August


Two Shows coming up

Sept 23rd INFO HERE
Sept 26th
CULTURE PROPHET (Grenville,SC) - two piece electro party act. They play live through serato, keyboards and vocals.
Top Secret Robot Alliance (Dallas via Michigan) - Only their 2nd Dallas show. Another two-piece electronic dance act.

Keith P and Prince William to DJ whenever they want throughout the night.

by a gf of TSRA

video of Culture Prophet "hustler"

video of TSRA "Tiger Dance"



A couple friends hassled me into making a last.fm page for Parade of Flesh. I did, but I don't know how to create a group. I pretty much just want to make a playlist featuring the bands I have coming through Dallas to play the shows I set up.



A Couple New Flyers

by a gf of TSRA

by von dada


Recently Acquired

ANNHILATION TIME III - Tales of the Ancient Age 12" + mp3 (tee pee)
CHARLES BRONSON - Complete Discography 2CDs (deranged)
CHILD ABUSE - S/T LP (lovepump united) clear red vinyl
CHILD ABUSE/MIRCLE OF BIRTH - Split (lovepump united)
CLOUDS - We Are Above You (hydrahead)

- Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 1 12" (temporary residence ltd) - orange splatter on gray vinyl limited to a pressing of 1,000. Volume One features remixes from Eluvium, Steve Moore of Zombi, Justin K. Broadrick of Jesu, and Rob Crow of Pinback. Four other volumes will be available later this year from Lovepump United (vol. 2), Relapse (3), Anticon (4) and Crucial Blast (5). Each volume will initially be pressed in a run of 1,000 each.

The IMPOSSIBLES - Return (fueled by ramen) cd out of print
INDIAN JEWELRY - Free Gold! (we are free)
JAY REATARD/DEERHUNTER - Split 7" (matador) gray & pink vinyl
JOY DIVISION - Permanent 1995 (qwest) cd out of print

The MURDER CITY DEVILS - S/T (die young stay pretty) I have had this on vinyl for ages, but found it used on cd for $5 so i had to pick it up.

PRE - Epic Fits (skin graft)
ROMANS - All Those Wrists (blackmarket activities)
UNWOUND - You Bite My Tongue 7" (gravity)


El Paso Hot Button/Lipstick Terror Split 7"

Under the guise of us two records, my friend Alan and I started a record label. Alan moves back to Dallas at the end of this month, but we have been working on this prior to knowing that and the tunes have already gone to the pressing plant. The goal will be unique vinyl, split bands and cdrs for all releases.

Our first release is scheduled for October 1st. It features an exclusive track by solo garage punk act El Paso Hot Button (Norman, OK) called "3-4-1", his darkest song to date. The b-side has "The Epitome of A Catalyst Intervention" which is my favorite song by the bilingual hardcore punk band Lipstick Terror (Mexicali). This will be both bands debut on vinyl. Visit us two's myspace to preview the tracks.

The second release will feature Batwings (San Diego) & When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin).

more info soon.

The Rock Bible, contributor

I am one of many contributors to the finally released THE ROCK BIBLE: Unholy Scripture for Fans & Bands. Chunklet has been putting this book together for quite a few years because my submission was sent in so long ago, that I have forgotten what it was. It must be something interesting or whimsical because I had to sign a legal waiver a few months ago before the book went to press. My copy should be arriving shortly.


Sept 16th flyer (better)

by james heimer

Sept 23rd flyer + mp3, videos (updated)

thanks Nick from Dogme 95 for making this one

First North Texas appearance for the touring bands, who all hail from San Francisco. Thee Oh Sees and Sic Alps are on route to play GONERFEST in Memphis just two days after this show.
THEE OH SEES, (11PM) - (tomlab) a.k.a. OCS on various narnack records compilations, formed after the legendary and short-lived coachewhips called it done.
mp3: "Ghost in the Trees"

SIC ALPS, (10PM) - (silt brreeze, various others) - garage band that has a lot of cassettes and 7"s out.

TY SEGALL (9PM) - solo garage
Dogme 95 (8PM)
at the Lounge on Elm St
2810 Elm St. Deep Ellum
on Sept 23rd 8pm
18+ $10/ 21+ $6

click HERE for info on the Sept. 16th show.

Sept. 16th flyer + mp3s

i made this pile of dung. I confiscated the photograph from the myspace page of these are powers.

THESE ARE POWERS(chicago/brooklyn) - currently on deleted art and boss records. very intense experimental rock trio featuring one of the original drummers for the liars.
mp3: Cockles and Little Sisters of Beijing.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - (austin) - currently on chalk circle and appear on the cardboard records comp "love & circuits" - (curated by Parts & Labor) - chaotic seven piece grunge ensemble that needs to be witnessed live.
mp3: Finally Grunge and It's Casual.

Scarily Terrible - (dallas) - electro, comedic yet sleazy. multiple band members also rules within this group. Four songs avail. to d/l on their myspace.

Sept 16th, 8PM
the lounge on Elm st.
2810 Elm St deep ellum
$6 for 21+/$10 for 18+


On Sale NOW, and Sept. 4th

Not sure why they are announcing the tour so early, but . . .
TORCHE (atlanta/miami)
BLACK COBRA (san francisco)
CLOUDS (boston)
Friday, November 21st
at The Lounge on Elm St (Ages 18+)
2810 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226
Ages 18+ Only. $10 for 21+, $13 for 18+
Tickets avail HERE(frontgate) or at Good Records.
This will be TORCHE's 2nd Dallas show since I had them play at Double-wide in March with Parts & Labor. Since then, they have come through the metroplex twice. The first supporting The Sword in Fort Worth and then Boris in Dentron. Here is an interview I did with their lead singer Steve Brooks.

On sale September 4th at Good Records or Frontgate tickets HERE
... And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (from Austin)
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin)
Dead Twins (Dallas)
at Club Dada - 2720 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226
Friday, November 7th 9PM.
All Ages. $10 for 21+, $15 for under

One of only three shows on their "mini-tour" of Texas. Houston->Dallas->Austin. This will be Trail of Dead's first North Texas appearance in almost two years, the last time they played in Dallas was at the Granada Theater in 2006; opening for Seattle's Blood Brothers. Weather permitting, they will be playing outside of Club Dada as a warm-up for their appearance at this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest (with Bad Brains and Dead Milkmen headlining) on Nov. 8th or 9th in Austin.

poster by Von Dada


Recently Acquired

ANNA OXYGEN - This Is An Exercise (kill rock stars)
BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS - Skullgrid (black market/metal blade)
FUTURE OF THE LEFT - Curses! (too pure)
ICY DEMONS - Tears of A Clone (eastern developements)
HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW - Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock (ferret)
JAGUAR LOVE - Highways/My Organs 7" (matador) - ex-blood bros
PARTY FOWL - 7" (post present medium)
PINK MOUNTAINTOPS - Single Life 7" (jagjaguwar)
TIGHT BRO'S FROM WAY BACK WHEN - Lend You A Hand (kill rock stars)
TOP SECRET ROBOT ALLIANCE - God's Gift II Dance Ep (shack in the woods)
YELLOW SWANS - At All Ends (load)
YOUNG WIDOWS - Old Wounds (troubleman unlimited)
WZT HEARTS - Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones (carpark)


Thurs, Aug. 28th info + mp3s

Some noise acts from all over Tejas:

from Houston and out on tour pushing two new releases: FREE GOLD! (we are free records) and FAKE & CHEAP (deleted art): INDIAN JEWELRY (REAL SITE)
MP3s: "Walking on the Water" and "Nonetheless"

from Dentron/McKinney; experimental & improvisational noise act on Mayyrh records: ZANZIBAR SNAILS


August 28th at The Lounge on Elm St. - 2810 Elm St. 75226

Doors at 8PM. $6 for 21+, $10 for 18+

poster by Nevada Hill


A Place to Bury Strangers - mp3s

As I have said since March, A Place to Bury Strangers are amazing live and their S/T LP is an epic shoegazer album, which will be appreciated by fans of Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and early Cure. They are finally coming to Dallas, twice. First, at American Airlines center, opening for NIN on August 18th and then headlining Oct 13th at the Loft with Sian Alice Group, whom I had play at the Cavern earlier this year with Die! Die! Die!

Live in Austin on WOXY
link to d/l with over 10 other bands

Live on Radio K (Univ. of Minn) link to d/l

I Know I'll See You (Clapp Remix) link to d/l

To Fix the Gash In Your Head (Grime Reaper remix)


Next Thursday, Aug. 21st info + mp3s

poster by James C. Heimer

The Ultimate Brodeo Tour featuring:

INTRONAUT (los angeles) Previously on the progressive metal label, Translation Loss, Prehistoricisms is Intronaut’s first effort on Century Media. "The Literal Black Cloud" (MP3)
the making of the album (part 1):

MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT (Dayton, oh) – Sludgy and more doom oriented than their former label mates, Intronaut, Mouth of the Architect is out pushing their new album Quietly (translation loss).
live in arizona (2008):

BEHOLD . . . The ARCTOPUS (Brooklyn) An experimental instrumental metal trio that creates chaos within each song. For fans of an albatross, Genghis Tron, and Dysrhythmia. Their last album was 2007’s Skullgrid (black market activities) but they have a new release scheduled for Metal Blade Records.
performing "Canada"

Doors at 7:30. All Ages. $8 for 21+

Recently Acquired

The BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACREMy Bloody Underground (cargo)
CHEAP TIMEHandy Man/Wildlife (douchemaster) 7”
CHEAP TIMES/T (in the red)
DARKER MY LOVE2 (dangerbird)
The FAINT - Fasciinatiion (blank.wav)
ISLANDSArms Way (anti)
LIZ PHAIR - Exile In Guyville Anniversary/Reissue (ato)
MAN MAN - Rabbit Habits (anti)
PRIMAL SCREAM - Beautiful Future (b-unique)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPTHot Charity/Cut Carefully and Play Loud (swami)
SKELETONWITCH - Beyond The Permafrost (Prosthetic)

SYSTEM & STATIONA Nation of Actors (latest flame) – I can see these guys playing a show at the cavern. People who DO NOT read this site will like this album a lot.

TITUS ANDRONICUSThe Airing of Grievances 12” (troubleman unlimited) - test pressing, hand #ed 479/500

YUPPIE PRICKS – balls. (chicken ranch) – Balls. is an aggressive and humorous punk album that clocks-in right at 22 minutes. There are so many songs involving Donkeys and Juggs that one can listen to in a single sitting and they knew just when to cut it off. Patrons of Bar of Soap probably enjoy this band live.


Free Shows (monthly)

With help from the "almost" opened The Lounge on Elm St, I will be hosting a series of FREE shows once a month till the end of the year. All shows are FREE/Donations Appreciated for those 21 and Up, and $10 for those 18+.

Saturday, Aug 9th - Titus Andronicus (nj) w. Death is not a Joyride (austin) & Tiger Moth (dallas)*This show 21+ only

Friday, Sept 26th - Culture Prophet (SC) w. Top Secret Robot Alliance w. Keith P & Prince William to DJ

Monday, Oct 20th - The Death Set (nyc/baltimore) w. PVC Street Gang/Sydney Confirm & Tommy Boy to DJ

Nov ??th - tba soon

Dec 14th - A Parade of Flesh X-Mas with Special Guests TBA

A Little Too Reatarded

Upon meeting Jay Reatard (aka Jay Lindsey) on Monday at 6PM, I said ‘fuck’ to myself because of his haggard appearance and odd demeanor. The next two hours became nothing more than a black comedy disguised as incoherent ramblings from a spoiled overgrown child.

Within the next hour, Jay threatened The Strange Boys for an article that appeared in last week’s Austin Chronicle. In short, the article reveals that The Strange Boys are not releasing the Jay Lindsey produced tracks for their upcoming In The Red debut LP. By 7PM he was whining and pouting “I am not playing tonight if [The Strange Boys] are.” This was after bitching and yelling at them for 30 minutes in the green room as if they were his children. He even unleashed his anger by throwing a glass in the green room. RIOT ON JAY! The Strange Boys said he had been pissed about the article all day long, even calling from the road to vent at them.

About 30 minutes later, the major drama started because Jay wanted to let a girl into the show that he met on myspace earlier that day. The emails probably went like this: A/S/L, 134, LMAO, LOL, BFF etc. The skank informed us that she had no I.D., but claimed to work as a dancer at Million Dollar Saloon. (FYI, she looked 16) By TABC law, venues in Texas cannot permit minors into a bar (even if its an all ages show) without picture identification. Jay refused to speak to me or the owner; blabbing non-sense that he “tried to advance the show with him for six weeks about this and he never responded.” By the way, Stephen Pope, his bass player and tour manager, confirmed this was bullshit and we should just ignore Jay, since “he will calm down soon”. By 8PM he was loading the van and left the show with the myspace whore.

Jay Lindsey did not want to play the show. Why?
He is rich now and likes to remind people of that fact. My favorite quote by him: “You know how much money I have in the bank!” Actually, Yes; $250,000 courtesy of Matador Records.
He got paid almost Four times the Dallas guarantee in Austin the night prior.
He had been doing coke for 12 hours straight.
He had not slept in two days.
He left to go buy $55 worth of LSD.

I guess ditching the groupie, then eating Chinese take-out in your hotel room, while tripping on Acid is much better than playing a show. Jay Lindsey solidified his infamous and difficult reputation by disappointed over 100 fans, all to get fucked up on drugs. Technically, he gave up over $1K for some horrid underage girl that he didn't even slay; when he should spend it on therapy to work out his sexuality. Apparently (and there is video to prove it - ask Cheap Time), when Jay Lindsey gets ‘reatarded’, he “jokingly” likes to perform oral sex on sleeping bandmates and tour mates. So maybe being pictured in bed with Bradford Cox on the cover of his last Matador 7" was not a gag?

The only rumor I couldn’t verify: Jay Reatard bailed on recording with Stuart Sikes in Dallas.

NOTE: While I am not mad about what happened on Monday, I am disappointed as a fan. As a promoter I find it annoying, yet a really memorable evening.

UPDATE: Brooklyn Vegan picked up on the story, then Idolator poked fun at the comments section on BV post.


This week your face will melt

Check the calendar. As if you didn't know.

Scroll below for info, videos and/or MP3s of bands playing for the flesh this week.


You, Go Live in Chicago

Part Four in a series . . .

Chicago, IL always had a sick dance music scene for as long as I could remember, but currently, their progressive, instrumental and indie metal scene is probably the best in the nation. I am headed up to Chicago this weekend to see some friends and I will attempt to catch PELICAN who is playing for Free on Thursday (w. Foals, Walter Meego and a bunch of other bands that don't fit the bill) and INDIAN who is opening for Witchcraft and Dead Child (see Part One) on Saturday. By coincidence, I ignorantly chose the weekend of Lollapaloser to go up; at least none of my friends are participating in that headache.

INDIAN - doom
PELICAN Four-piece instrumental
RUSSIAN CIRCLES Instrumental trio who played Fort Worth in June and are currently touring with Coheed & Cambria and Secret Machines
TUSK - grindcore side-project of Pelican

see Seventh Rule Recording for Indian, Hydra-Head for Pelican & Tusk and Suicide Squeeze for Russian Circles.

see also HE WHO CORRUPTS they will be touring again in 2009

PART ONE : Louisville, KY
PART TWO : Atlanta
PART THREE: Baltimore

EDIT: didn't go. I overslept and missed my flight.


Recently Acquired

- Just Like Kicking Jesus 12" (tonar/cargo) - blue vinyl
FUCKED UP - Year of the Pig (matador)
FUCKED UP - Year of the Pig UK 7" (matador)
FUCKED UP - Year of the Pig Japan 7" (matador)
HEALTH - S/T 12" (lovepump united) - white vinyl
HEALTH - DISCO (lovepump united)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - To fix the gash in your head/ocean 10" (meal deal)
SUFFERING BASTARD/COCK E.S.P. - Split 10" (little mafia)
TITUS ANDRONICUS - The Airing of Grievances (troubleman unlimited) - "Titus Andronicus" *MP3
VALIENT THORR - Immortalizer dbl LP (volcom) - 180g clear blue vinyl, gatefold sleeve etc. (AVAIL AS PRIZE IF YOU BUY VALIENT THORR TICKETS THROUGH FRONTGATE) I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever *MP3
VIVIAN GIRLS - Tell the World 7" (?)
WRECKLESS ERIC - Greatest Stiffs (stiff)


August 4th - 9th info

This will be the biggest week that I have ever put together. I would like to thank Tactics for helping me out on the Jay Reatard show to start the week off, all the artists who did posters for me and to Ty for pimping flyers out all the time. FYI to music snobs: Jay Reatard (monday) AND Titus Andronicus (friday) both played this year's PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL in Chicago on July 19th *see saturday's line-up on the link. Posters will be available at the Jay Reatard, Black Cobra and Valient Thorr shows.

Below is all the info for the shows on Aug 4th through 9th.


Monday: Aug 4th - Jay Reatard + mp3

MONDAY the 4th: The infamous, Matador Records recording artist, JAY REATARD, who previously fronted the punk band, The Reatards and the new wave/garage band, Lost Sounds, will be playing Club Dada with two In the Red records labelmates: CHEAP TIME & THE STRANGE BOYS. ALL AGES Doors at 8PM at Club Dada. $10/12 TICKETS HERE

Here is an Mp3 of "always wanting more" (off the matador 7")

poster designed by me. printed by nevada. ltd to 40

Watch him hit a kid on stage at an unruly show in Toronto: (1min 35sec mark)

The Strange Boys "This Girl Taught Me a Dance" (live at Club Dada)

Tuesday: Aug 5th - Black Cobra & Slough Feg

TUESDAY the 5th: BLACK COBRA & "The Lord Weird" SLOUGH FEG - Bay area doom metal on a joint tour. Show will be kicked off by Dallas' teenage Black Sabbath cover band: CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE and Austin's THE HIGH COST OF LIVING. All Ages; $8/10 at Club Dada

poster by Dada. ltd to 40ish

Thursday: Aug 8th - Valient Thorr + mp3 & Early Man/Skeletonwitch

THURSDAY the 8th: VALIENT THORR & EARLY MAN TOUR w. Skeletonwitch & Golden Axe. Warped Tour veterans, Valient Thorr, on their first tour since Valient Himself donated his kidney to his father. NYC's EARLY MAN has not toured in over a year, so expect new material. All Ages at Club Dada $12

TICKETS HERE Volcom gave me a bunch of stuff to give out to random ticket purchasers. Heavy Weight Vinyl, CDS, patches and LTD ed. T-shirts. Winners will be chosen at random for those who purchase via the above link.

MP3 of I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever, off the new Valient Thorr Album Immortalizer (volcom)

poster by Stephen Haynes ltd to 100ish. avail at the show

Friday: Aug 9th - Titus Andronicus + mp3

FRIDAY the 9th: NOTE THE VENUE . . .Here is an mp3 of "Titus Andronicus" by Titus Andronicus; it is off their debut album The Airing Of Grievances (troubleman unlimited). This album/band has a slight resemblance to Connor Oberst's (of Bright Eyes) brief punk side project Desaparecidos (saddle creek). The Airing Of Grievances is a punk + shoegazer rock album which will transfer very well into a bar drinking atmosphere. The bill will be rounded out by Austin's seven piece experimental
avant-garde band, Death is Not a Joyride & Dallas' emerging Tiger Moth. At the LOUNGE on ELM ST; 21+ only FREE SHOW to end the week with a THANK YOU.


Thursday: July 24th - HEALTH + mp3

My birthday party this year will be on July 24th at Club Dada on Elm St. with HEALTH to headline. Health is a four-piece experimental/noise-rock act from Los Angeles. They are playing the PITCHFORK Music Festival in Chicago, just days prior to the Dallas show.

Here is a mp3 of "CRIMEWAVE" from their S/T album (lovepump united). They also have a remix album coming out next week called DISCO.

The evening will also include performances from:
Sydney Confirm (dallas)
Stag Film (arlington)
Pet Hospital (coppell)

Djs sets by AmBASSadors (prince william & steven void)

Doors at 8pm. TICKETS avail here.
ALL AGES. $8 for 21+, $10 for under 21

HEALTH poster by Tim Doyle. 3 color silkscreen. 100 printed. Measures 15 x 24.


Thanks to all the strangers I met at the HYMNS show on Monday. As usual, another smooth Pastime show with a decent turnout. Look for the Hymns to come back through the south in the Fall.

UPDATE: here are pictures from the show... thanks Sally Glass



Young Widows "Let Him Be"

filmed this last month at Lola's.


Monday: HYMNS (nyc)

Currently in Tejas recording with Daniel Johnston, the HYMNS are a four-piece folk rock band from NYC. Fancy Fist will open, followed by a solo set from Here, In Arms.

PASTIME TAVERN - 1503 S. Ervay St. Dallas (behind ambassador off of i-30)

BYOL - beer, wine & setups avail. 18+, $5 for 21+, $7 for under 21

video of HYMNS from Piano's NYC.


Middle Class Rut "Dead Set" video

from Club Dada on Wed, opening for Burning Brides.


Recently Acquired

ANNIHILATION TIME - Cosmic Unconciousness EP 7" (tank crimes) - 4th pressing

BLACK COBRA - Feather and Stone (at a loss) Primarily instrumental doom metal out of the Bay Area. Sludge heavy riffs with sparse incoherent screaming on a few tracks. Their 2nd full length album clocks in at only 25 minutes, but comes with 3 live videos. I have them playing at Club Dada on August 5th w. "the lord weird" Slough Feg, The High Cost of Living (austin) and Children of the Grave (dallas).

CUT COPY - In Ghost Colours
DEMON'S CLAWS - Live in Spring Branch, TX 12" (hook or crook) - black/blue marble vinyl
EARTHLESS - Sonic Prayer Jam 10" (gravity)
the FLOOD - 3 song ep (self)
FLOOR - Dove 12" (no idea) - 5th pressing, blue vinyl of 279
FUCKED UP/HAYMAKER - Split 7" (deep six)
KYLESA - S/T 12" (prank)

LIARS - Leopard on the Right/Dear 7" + dvd (heartfast) - picture disc. dvd features live performances, including their Nirvana cover of "Territorial Pissings".

LIPSTICK TERROR - La Introduccion del Terror (sour pop/iguana)
MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT - Quietly (translation loss)
MUSLIMS - Extinction 7" (sweet tooth)

JAY REATARD - SINGLES 06-07 cd & dvd (in the red) In The Red records is reaping the benefits of having their baby, Jay Lindsey aka Jay Reatard, sign to Matador Records. ITR released this 7" singles compilation right in the mist of the six 7" inch series Jay Reatard is currently doing for Matador. This cd/dvd combo will make you realize why Jay Lindsey is a garage/punk/new wave genius. His catalog of 2 and 3 minute garage and punk songs is completely epic; especially the Blood Vision demos at the end of the disc. It's impressive that he has penned so many catchy tracks in only a two year span. And good luck on ebay trying to track down any of the older 7"s. He will be playing an ALL AGES Show at CLUB DADA on August 4th with CHEAP TIME (nashville) and STRANGE BOYS (austin). All the bands on the bill are (or were) on In the Red records out of Memphis.

JAY REATARD - Always Wanting More/You Mean Nothing to Me 7" + mp3 (matador) - 3rd single out of a series of six; clear one sided 7" with silkscreen design on underside of vinyl.

The STRANGE BOYS - Woe is You and Me 7" (in the red)
THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY - About Last night/7th Heaven 7" (exit stencil)
TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR/LIGHT The FUSE And RUN - Split 12" (level plane/electric human project) - clear vinyl (500 avail)
VIVIAN GIRLS - Wild Eyes/My Baby Wants Me Dead 7" (plays with dolls)
VIVIAN GIRLS - S/T (in the red)
WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH - Not Noiice (chalk circle)


Austin, then Dallas (WED)

Cleveland's This Moment in Black History are playing three Texas shows this weekend, so I will be in Austin to catch the final one on Sunday. The Strange Boys are also playing Sunday night. I am going to stick around Austin for a few days, since my brahs Burning Brides are playing at Red 7 on Tuesday.

Burning Brides will be playing for 'the flesh' this Wednesday, July 9th, at Club Dada. They are out pushing Anhedonia (self). Middle Class Rut (Sacramento) and True Widow (ex-slowride) are opening up. Doors at 8PM. All Ages. $8 for 21+, $10 for under 21.

Here is video of them when I had them play at Double-Wide last summer.

FYI, The Strange Boys will be opening up for Warlocks in Fort Worth on July 17th and for Jay Reatard & Cheap Time in Dallas on August 4th.


Jay Reatard Poster

Here is a web version of the Jay Reatard poster for next month's show with Cheap Time & Strange Boys:


Nevada Hill/Zanzibar Snails

I was at Nevada Hill's house earlier today because he is helping me on my Jay Reatard poster for next month. He has done posters for my Aids Wolf, X-Mas Party and Chinese Stars shows. Besides being amazing at silkscreen printing, Nevada is also in the Dentron band Zanzibar Snails, who just got a write up in The Wire magazine:

Zanzibar Snails Krakkatowiak MAYYRH 3” CD: From Denton, the past home of Texas’s space rock programme, The Zanzibar Snails have emerged as one of the region’s more interesting units over the past couple of years. They appear as a quartet here, using feedback, sax, electronics and percussion to create an extremely neat kind of racket. The feel is akin to The Dead C jamming with Paul Flaherty, and you’d have to agree, that’s a good goddamn feel. - Byron Coley, THE WIRE

Zanzibar Snails will be opening up for INDIAN JEWELRY on August 28th at The Lounge. Yes, Nevada will be doing the poster for the show.


1,000,000 views on youtube

Today my youtube.com account surpassed One million views of my videos. Thanks for your support.


July Shows

HEALTH poster by Tim Doyle. 3 color silkscreen. 100 printed. Measures 15 x 24.


Recently Acquired

A TENSION/COACHWHIPS - Split 7" (kimosciotic)
BEST FWENDS - Second Seven Inch 7" (moshi moshi) - green
BRIMSTONE HOWL - M-60 7" (boom chick)

BURNING BRIDES - Anhedonia (self) If you have caught this indie power rock trio from Philly/Los Angeles on one of their many tours in the past 9 years, then you will know what to expect out of this release. Last of the 'million dollar' bands signed to V2, Burning Brides have self-produced and released their material since V2 folded a few years back. Granted there is not any screaming like on the first two albums, but Anhedonia is a solid continuation of Hang Love. Still unsatisfied with life and exploiting the dark side, the band leans towards stoner rock (in a good way) on this release. As been said by many bands, "Burning Brides are a band's band", touring with Icarus Line, Cave-In, Division of Laura Lee, ...Trail of Dead, Queens of the Stone Age, Audioslave, A Perfect Circle and recently with Fu Manchu. Envision a lot of heads bobbing when they play at Club Dada on July 9th with Middle Class Rut (sacramento) and True Widow (ex-slowride).

CARBONAS - Lost Cause/Nineteen 7" (robshouse)
CRYPTACIZE/WHY? - Unusual Animals Vol. 4 7" (asthmatic kitty)
DAUGHTERS - Live at CBGB (city of hell) - ltd to 1000
DAUGHTERS - first 7" (city of hell) - 4th and final pressing
FLOOR - Dove (no idea)
FLORENE - EP (self)
FOLLOWED BY STATIC - 49th & Duval Vol. 1 CASSETTE (self)
LOST SOUNDS - Future Touch EP 12" (in the red)
LOST SOUNDS - Memphis Is Dead 12" (big neck) - white
MAYOLA - Everybody (self)
The MUMMIES - Food, Sickles, And Girls 7" (estrus)
The MUMMIES - Get Late! 7" (estrus)
REATARDS - Bed Room Disasters (empty records)
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Station 12"(suicide squeeze) - black/gold
TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR - Ruined Lives (level plane)
V/A - The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 3 - 7" (almost ready) - features the Suspicions, Wax Museums, Romance Novels and Nobunny
WAX MUSEUMS - Claw you Like A Cat 7" (hozac) - red
WAX MUSEUMS - Traffic Violations/She's It Slime 7"
YOUNG WIDOWS - Settle Down City (jade tree)