Recently Acquired

in the past two weeks:
BUM KON - Drunken Sex Sucks (?) - reissue of '83 7" and all studio recordings
CLOCKCLEAN ER - Babylon Rules (load)
CRYSTAL CASTLES - Crystal Castles (last gang)
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Freckle Wars (carpark)
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Way (cardboard)
HEALTH - Heaven + Remixes 12" (flemish eye) yellow vinyl
HEALTH -You Will Love Each Other (lovepump united)
INDIAN JEWELRY - We are the Wild Beast (tigerbeat 6)
IRON LUNG - Sexless/No Sex 12" (prank)
IRON LUNG - Cancer 7" (iron lung) hand numbered/stamped 368/524
SAVIOURS - Into Abaddon lp + mp3 (kemado) gatefold. lyrics on sleeve
The SWORD - The Gods of Earth lp + mp3 (kemado) gatefold
TORCHE - Meanderthal (hydra head) worth it just for the album insert


Gibby Haynes dj set?

mr. Butthole Surfers at Vickery Park on Sunday night? i have yet to confirm

EDIT: Sunday was cancelled, now moved to TUESDAY evening.


Mathamaticious video

Does anyone know where i can get a raw file of this? i would like to show one of my classes.

A mathematical parody of Fergie's Fergalicious.

Ghosthustler R.I.P.

Wow! I have known about this for a couple of weeks and was readily waiting for a formal "denouncement" from them:

For reaso​ns both creat​ive and life chang​ing,​ I have decid​ed to leave​ Ghost​hustl​er and move on. Amids​t these​ circu​mstan​ces my bandm​ates have deeme​d it neces​sary to carry​ on witho​ut me; I wish them the best of luck.​ Expec​t great​ thing​s to conti​nue being​ relea​sed from the Ghost​hustl​er name and from my new proje​ct in the near futur​e.​

See you soon,​
Alan Palom​o

Dentron's well hyped, retro-electro dance band, GHOSTHUSTLER have called it a day. Sort of, but its pretty much a done deal in my eyes. Lead singer Alan Palomo will develop himself into greatness, while the other two lads will attempt to go on as GHOSTHUSTLER? Yeah it sucks. Their final show was this past Thursday at the Palladium Ballroom for QUICK's Next Big Thing Awards Show. The only ghost now will be of Alan. I have not witnessed this much warranted attention for a local band in years. What a genuine loss to the DFW music community.

So the Ghosthustler live set at Kettle Art on May 10th will now be a dj set by Alan Palomo.


Club Dada shows!!

POF will be having some shows this summer (and onward) at CLUB DADA. POF will still be using Pastime Tavern, Double-Wide and other various spaces for shows as well.

Upcoming PARADE OF FLESH events at Club Dada:
more info tba as we get closer to show date.

May 14th - MUTATORS (Vancouver)/MODERN CREATURES (Vancouver)/Gravity Propulsion System (okc)

June 14th - the STRANGE BOYS (austin/dallas)/the COATHANGERS (atlanta)/tba

June 20th - CALLUPSIE (tulsa)/CRYPTACIZE (california)/Florene

July 24th (Me & Alan Palomo's (of ghosthustler) birthday party - HEALTH (los angeles)/tba/tba/tba


Ecstatic Sunshine/CEX Spring Tour poster

I just got these in the mail:
btw, they stop in Dallas at Kettle Art on Saturday, May 10th.


Separated at Birth II

Could they be bros?

Jarred Warren of BIG BUSINESS and actor Jonah Hill (Superbad, Knocked Up)

SEE: Separated at Birth I


Next Month's info and preview videos

In May, I resume having shows:

Thursday, May 8th at Double-Wide | 3510 Commerce St | 75226 FLYER
THRONES (Salem, OR - Kill Rock Stars)- one man, one legend: Joe Preston has released solo albums under the name "Thrones" for almost 15 years. Ex bassist for the MELVINS, HIGH ON FIRE and EARTH. Watch in amazement as he constructs and fuses metal, punk and noise piece by piece, loop by loop. ONE of only TWO Texas shows this year!!
The HIGH COST OF LIVING - (Semi)instrumental hardcore metal trio from Austin who opened for the Sword the last time they played Ft. Worth. They are the next GENESIS of metal in Austin. KIDDING! But they do pull a 'phil collins' on some songs. Some dude from the SWORD is recording their upcoming full length.
aKKolyte - brothers gonzalez' grindcore two-piece awesomeness.
21+, 9PM. $8

THRONES: "Oso Malo" (thanks gary)

THCOL: "Crash the System" and "Brandy of the Damned"

aKKolyte: "A Miniature History of Transgressions" and "Viral Negativity"


Saturday, May 10th at Kettle Art | 2714 Elm | Deep Ellum | 75226? FLYER
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Experimental, ambient and guitar-only punk duo from Baltimore on Cardboard records (owned by BJ and Dan of Parts & Labor). They are big in the Wham City Baltimore party circuit, which has gained fame for Dan Deacon, Video Hippos and Wzt Hearts over the past year or so. They are on a co-headlining tour with tigerbeat 6 legend CEX(alt link), whose entire set will be comprised of Steely Dan samples. Yes, STEELY DAN. It will be completely entertaining and accessible to those who want to shake their rumps. The night will also feature dj sets throughout the evening from GHOSTHUSTLER and SCHWA.
All Ages, 8PM. $6 BYOB

Ecstatic Sunshine w. Dan Deacon:

and "Anagram" :

Ghosthustler live:


Sunday, May 18th at Good Records | 1808 Lower Grenville | 75206
EL PASO HOT BUTTON (okc) and ATTRACTIVE & POPULAR (hot springs) SPLIT CD release show for Dallas. Jungle Fever EP/Live From Hell EP is being released by Little Mafia just two days prior to this show. Come out on a Sunday afternoon and have some fun.
All Ages, 3PM. FREE

some A$P:

Chaos in Tejas 2008

Thu. 05/15
* Hard Skin (England), Fy Fan (Sweden), World Burns to Death, Under Pressure (Canada), No Fucker, Iron Age at Emo's (inside stage)
Roky Erickson & the Explosives, The Strange Boys, Pink Reason at Emo's (outside stage)
Fri. 05/16
* Dillinger Four, Leatherface (England), The Marked Men, Straight Jacket Nation (Australia), Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, Brain Handle, Sacred Shock at Emo's
Sat. 05/17
* Los Crudos (one and only reunion show), Crude (Japan, only US show), Tragedy, Inmates, Invasion (Spain), Repercussions, Deskonocidos at Emo's

and more? see poster:


Recently Acquired

BLACK DICE - Peace In the Valley 7" (Three One G) - lime & blue vinyl. sleeve is actually a 40+ page book of photos and artwork
COLISEUM - S/T 12"(level plane)- white vinyl, Fall 2007 tour version. ltd to 300. fully silkscreened outer sleeve. insert w. lyrics.
COLISEUM - Goddamage EP 12" (manic ride) insert w. lyrics
DEAD CHILD - Attack (quarterstick)
DEATH IS NOT A JOYRIDE - The Human Zoo (rec. by John Congleton of the paper chase)
FINALLY PUNK - 7" (wonk) hearts and glitter spray-glued to the cover. insert w. lyrics.
FINALLY PUNK - Primary Colors Ep 7" + cd (abl) white vinyl, fully silkscreened sleeve. insert w. lyrics.
The FLOOR - Floor (no idea) - Torche's old band
The ICARUS LINE - Black Lives At The Golden Coast (dim mak)
The LOCUST - Safety Second, Body Last (ipecac)
NO AGE - Eraser 7" (sub pop) contains three cover songs
The MUSLIMS - S/T 12" + cd (1928 recordings) - has puncture marks (bullet holes?) through silkscreened gatefold sleeve. the inner sleeve is silkscreened as well. cd contains 3 additional tracks.
POLVO - Celebrate the New Dark Age (merge)
SAVIOURS - Crucifire lp (level plane) - gold vinyl, gatefold sleeve
THRONES - Sperm Whale & White Rabbits EPs (kill rock stars)
V/A - 80 Records and Were Not Broke (yet) 2CD (level plane) - label sampler and unreleased material


Bands/Sites posting my videos

Recently I found that a few sites and bands are posting my videos. I am NOT complaining. I am grateful and appreciative.

AIDS WOLF posted a video on their blog.
Attractive & Popular posted "Eagle Scream/Brown Recluse" on their myspace.
Dan Deacon had "Snake Mistakes" on his.
Glass Candy posted "Life After Sundown" on their page.
Idolator posted a Big Business video on their site.
Kill Me Tomorrow as well.
The Loft has up a 400 Blows video I filmed at their venue.
nO aGe has an interview and soundcheck on their blog.
TORCHE also uses a blog.
Yeasayer put "Tight Rope" on their myspace.

there's others, but the above are the most recent.


Justice DNVO logo list

A guy compiled a list of the 80s/90s television logos and references hijacked on the "DNVO" video by Justice. I am a huge fan of people wasting their time doing something that I would have wasted my time doing as well.

Logo/video link.


Two new flyers

THRONES by James C. Heimer

Ecstatic Sunshine by Jen Marlow

Shooting Spires "Quarantine"

This was at Double-wide, the Sunday of SXSW. Rare performance as a full band. Their S/T album on Cardboard Records was recorded entirely by BJ Warshaw of Parts & Labor (and co-owner of Cardboard).



Here are some upcoming shows that I might end up going to:
daniel francis doyle, el paso hot button and health on 4/15
ministry or the cops on 4/17
coliseum and genghis tron on 4/23

artwork will be available soon for the three shows i have in may.

black band names

Another day and my mind began to drift . . .

the black angels (austin)
big black (chicago?)
black box recorded (uk)
black cobra (san francisco)
black cross (louisville)
the black crowes (ny?)
the black dahila murder (detroit)
black dice (nyc)
black eyes (d.c.)
black flag (d.c.)
black francis aka Frank Black (boston?)
black grape (uk)
the black halos (british columbia)
the black heart procession (san diego)
black joe lewis (austin)
the black keys (ohio)
black kids (florida)
black label society (los angeles)
black lips (atlanta)
black moth super rainbow (pittsburgh)
black mountain (british columbia)
black rebel motorcycle club (los angeles)
black sheep (old hiphop)
black tie dynasty (ft.worth)
blackalicious (sf?)
nine black alps (uk)
this moment in black history (columbus)

see: long band names


Videos from Die! Die! Die! and Sian Alice Group

I had both these bands play at the Cavern on March 17th a day after SXSW.

"A.T.T.I.T.U.D." by Die! Die! Die! (from NZ)

"Motionless" by Sian Alice Group (from UK)

Two new videos

I am seriously still digging A Place to Bury Strangers, so here are two more songs from Emo's last month during SXSW:

"Dead Beat"

"I've Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart"


Really long band names

A couple weeks ago when two bulletins appeared on myspace within a span of a minute, it got me thinking about 'really long band names'. The first bulletin was from 'trail of dead' announcing their Houston show in mid-April and the second was from 'triumph of lethargy' about upcoming releases they had planned. It is up to you to decide whether the length of a band's name should be determined by actual 'characters' and/or actual 'words'.

Active bands:
...and you will know us by the trail of dead (Austin)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Chicago)
Dark Meat/Vomit Lasers Family Band/Galaxy (Athens)
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (Austin)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's (Indianapolis)
The Presidents of the United States of America (Seattle)
Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains (Toronto)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Springfield, MO)
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down (dc/sf)
The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (New York)
The Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death (Seattle)
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice (Brooklyn)

The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (Philly)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (UK) - FOR CLINT!!
The Jon and Spencer Booze Explosion (Seattle)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (New York)
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (Chicago)
The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower (San Diego)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (SF?)

Honorable Mention:
Black Moth Super Rainbow (Pittsburgh)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Los Angeles)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre (San Francisco)
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster (UK)
Gibby Haynes & His Problem (Austin)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Montreal)
The Phantom Family Halo Band (Louisville)
A Place to Bury Strangers (Brooklyn)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (Seattle)
Queens of the Stone Age (Palm Desert)
Shooting at Unarmed Men (UK)
The Show is the Rainbow (Omaha)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (D.C.)
This Moment in Black History (Columbus)
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (tenn)
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin)

Update: Always updating.