new Kylesa video

Once in a while, when I manage to find the time, I still film shows I do not book. Below is footage I shot of a new and unreleased track by KYLESA, who opened for Pinback at the Loft. Thanks to the Loft and Kylesa for allowing me to film. The lighting was spectacular.


Think Outside the Bun

Since the Cambridge Room at House of Blues was recently changed to the so subtle and clever, The Pontiac Garage, I have been paying attention to annoying and inappropriate sponsors lately.

This summer while filming a random show in Austin, I came across a mall-punk band from Long Island called Blameshift; they would probably play at The Door if they were to come through Dallas. What’s so special about them? Nothing. The only reason I mention them is that I think it is amusing that they are sponsored by TACO BELL (and many others). Companies, such as FYE and Hot Topic are legitimate sponsors for bands, but Taco Bell doesn’t really make any sense to me. You would never question a vice, such as alcohol or cigarettes sponsoring a band or a tour, even clothing companies, but Taco Bell is out of place. I made a joke about it to the lead singer of Blameshift, asking if they made them sing a song about beans or what? And she said Taco Bell sponsors only five bands a year. Then told me she takes the Taco Bell bucks and buys the cheapest thing on the menu, then uses the change to go eat somewhere else just as shitty. She also touted that the majority of the locations do not hassle her about the change and the rest of the band doesn’t mind eating there all the time.

This got me thinking about bands being sponsored by fast food restaurants or other unrelated companies. The most obvious business that initially came to mind was, Kentucky Fried Chicken aka “KFC” on the streets. I can seriously imagine KFC sponsoring three acts: 1) Kool Keith, 2) Buckethead and 3) Flaming Lips. Kool Keith use to throw fried chicken and pornography out to the audience on his past tours. The artist known as Buckethead, wears a KFC bucket on his head during interviews and performances; hopefully, his name indicated that. And finally, lead singer Wayne Coyne worked for many years at an Oklahoma City KFC location during the early days of the Flaming Lips.

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits gave cards to Beyonce & the other ladies of Destiny’s Child that entitled them to eat at any location for free for life. How ironic that the person that doesn’t need the free food is the recipient, all because they mentioned Popeyes as their favorite food in an interview back in the day. By the way, and I know you are not keeping track, but Popeyes has recently changed their name to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Way to milk Katrina!

Of Montreal used alternative lyrics from their song Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games for an Outback Steakhouse commercial. That’s pretty bad that they compromised the track, unlike Hot Chip, which practically handed Geico Insurance an album for all thr commercials with the Cavemen.

There was really no point to any of this, other than to reflect the fact I was bored when coming up with it. I will probably add to this whenever I come up with something to add.

EDIT 10/03: Wayne Coyne supposedly worked at Long John Silvers. The internet is for rumors and false information.


Recently Acquired

ARAB ON RADAR - Sunshine for Shady People DVD (threeoneg) - more info and local screening coming soon

EAT AVERY'S BONES - Decadent Sluts (self)

- Split 7" (us two) - Black Test Pressing (one of three) for our first release under us two records. It sounds great, but I might be a tad biased in this particular situation. The EPHB/Lipstick Split will be formally released in October with colored vinyl limited to a pressing of 300; including: full sleeve artwork, a cdr and insert.

KYLESATo Walk A Middle Course (prosthetic)
THEE OH SEES/The INTELLIGENCE - Split 12" (mount saint mountain)
THESE ARE POWERSTaro Tarot (dead oceans)
THESE ARE POWERSTerrific Seasons (hoss)
TY SEGAL - S/T? (castle face)

WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTHSnacks (emperor jones) – Snacks is an Eight track Ep released prior to Not Noice. When Dinosaurs . . . first seven inch will be released on me and Alan’s label us two records, by the end of this year or early 2009. When Dinosaurs . . . will be opening for . . . and you will know us by the Trail of Dead at Club Dada on Friday, November 7th. Advance tickets can be purchased through frontgate tickets.


Video from last week

Here is video I shot last Tuesday at my show with WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH at The Lounge on Elm St, opening for These Are Powers. When Dinosaurs . . . are going into the studio in the coming days to record this track "Cold Blooded":

coming soon, videos from:
Kylesa at the Loft last Thursday

Health from my b-day this past Summer

Early Man from the Valient Thorr show at Dada in August

Cheap Time from the cancelled Jay Reatard show at Dada in August


Two Shows coming up

Sept 23rd INFO HERE
Sept 26th
CULTURE PROPHET (Grenville,SC) - two piece electro party act. They play live through serato, keyboards and vocals.
Top Secret Robot Alliance (Dallas via Michigan) - Only their 2nd Dallas show. Another two-piece electronic dance act.

Keith P and Prince William to DJ whenever they want throughout the night.

by a gf of TSRA

video of Culture Prophet "hustler"

video of TSRA "Tiger Dance"



A couple friends hassled me into making a last.fm page for Parade of Flesh. I did, but I don't know how to create a group. I pretty much just want to make a playlist featuring the bands I have coming through Dallas to play the shows I set up.



A Couple New Flyers

by a gf of TSRA

by von dada


Recently Acquired

ANNHILATION TIME III - Tales of the Ancient Age 12" + mp3 (tee pee)
CHARLES BRONSON - Complete Discography 2CDs (deranged)
CHILD ABUSE - S/T LP (lovepump united) clear red vinyl
CHILD ABUSE/MIRCLE OF BIRTH - Split (lovepump united)
CLOUDS - We Are Above You (hydrahead)

- Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 1 12" (temporary residence ltd) - orange splatter on gray vinyl limited to a pressing of 1,000. Volume One features remixes from Eluvium, Steve Moore of Zombi, Justin K. Broadrick of Jesu, and Rob Crow of Pinback. Four other volumes will be available later this year from Lovepump United (vol. 2), Relapse (3), Anticon (4) and Crucial Blast (5). Each volume will initially be pressed in a run of 1,000 each.

The IMPOSSIBLES - Return (fueled by ramen) cd out of print
INDIAN JEWELRY - Free Gold! (we are free)
JAY REATARD/DEERHUNTER - Split 7" (matador) gray & pink vinyl
JOY DIVISION - Permanent 1995 (qwest) cd out of print

The MURDER CITY DEVILS - S/T (die young stay pretty) I have had this on vinyl for ages, but found it used on cd for $5 so i had to pick it up.

PRE - Epic Fits (skin graft)
ROMANS - All Those Wrists (blackmarket activities)
UNWOUND - You Bite My Tongue 7" (gravity)


El Paso Hot Button/Lipstick Terror Split 7"

Under the guise of us two records, my friend Alan and I started a record label. Alan moves back to Dallas at the end of this month, but we have been working on this prior to knowing that and the tunes have already gone to the pressing plant. The goal will be unique vinyl, split bands and cdrs for all releases.

Our first release is scheduled for October 1st. It features an exclusive track by solo garage punk act El Paso Hot Button (Norman, OK) called "3-4-1", his darkest song to date. The b-side has "The Epitome of A Catalyst Intervention" which is my favorite song by the bilingual hardcore punk band Lipstick Terror (Mexicali). This will be both bands debut on vinyl. Visit us two's myspace to preview the tracks.

The second release will feature Batwings (San Diego) & When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin).

more info soon.

The Rock Bible, contributor

I am one of many contributors to the finally released THE ROCK BIBLE: Unholy Scripture for Fans & Bands. Chunklet has been putting this book together for quite a few years because my submission was sent in so long ago, that I have forgotten what it was. It must be something interesting or whimsical because I had to sign a legal waiver a few months ago before the book went to press. My copy should be arriving shortly.


Sept 16th flyer (better)

by james heimer

Sept 23rd flyer + mp3, videos (updated)

thanks Nick from Dogme 95 for making this one

First North Texas appearance for the touring bands, who all hail from San Francisco. Thee Oh Sees and Sic Alps are on route to play GONERFEST in Memphis just two days after this show.
THEE OH SEES, (11PM) - (tomlab) a.k.a. OCS on various narnack records compilations, formed after the legendary and short-lived coachewhips called it done.
mp3: "Ghost in the Trees"

SIC ALPS, (10PM) - (silt brreeze, various others) - garage band that has a lot of cassettes and 7"s out.

TY SEGALL (9PM) - solo garage
Dogme 95 (8PM)
at the Lounge on Elm St
2810 Elm St. Deep Ellum
on Sept 23rd 8pm
18+ $10/ 21+ $6

click HERE for info on the Sept. 16th show.

Sept. 16th flyer + mp3s

i made this pile of dung. I confiscated the photograph from the myspace page of these are powers.

THESE ARE POWERS(chicago/brooklyn) - currently on deleted art and boss records. very intense experimental rock trio featuring one of the original drummers for the liars.
mp3: Cockles and Little Sisters of Beijing.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - (austin) - currently on chalk circle and appear on the cardboard records comp "love & circuits" - (curated by Parts & Labor) - chaotic seven piece grunge ensemble that needs to be witnessed live.
mp3: Finally Grunge and It's Casual.

Scarily Terrible - (dallas) - electro, comedic yet sleazy. multiple band members also rules within this group. Four songs avail. to d/l on their myspace.

Sept 16th, 8PM
the lounge on Elm st.
2810 Elm St deep ellum
$6 for 21+/$10 for 18+