Torche interview

Here is a short interview with Steve Brooks, lead singer of Torche and Floor. Torche’s new album, Meanderthal, is a thick, loud and hook-heavy rock album. One of the best releases so far this year. Steve talks to Parade of Flesh about his old band, Floor, Torche’s album artwork and his love for Kemado Records.

Parade of Flesh: I hear rumors that Andy of Robotic Empire is a fantastic merch guy. Why didn’t he go out with you guys on The Sword tour?
Steve Brooks: Because we stress him out too much. hehe

POF: How did Torche form after Floor? How often do you play Floor songs?
SB: Torche formed about a week after Floor disbanded. We play Floor songs more often then i'd like to. It's a different band, ya know. Even though I love the old stuff, I also love the new jams and prefer to play 'em.

POF: Why all the line-up changes for Floor?
SB: We were a band on and off for 12 years. Some members moved on to bigger and better things.

POF: How often does the Torche side-project, Shitstorm, play?
SB: As often as they can, I guess? I haven't been to a shitstorm show in years.

POF: Do all the bands members of Torche have a background in the studio? You all seem to have a knack for manipulating sounds and using white noise to your advantage.
SB: Jon is the studio magician. I'm clueless about studio stuff, other than recording music on 4 track or boombox.

POF: You have said in previous interviews that you don't consider Torche a metal band. How should the masses describe Torche to those unaware? (Especially with endless comparisons to Melvins)
SB: I never considered the Melvins a metal band. I always thought Bauhaus and Swans were some of the heaviest bands ever. Were they metal? Nope.

POF: All of Torche’s releases contain stunning artwork and elaborate packaging. Who decides the concept and direction of each release?
SB: We do. Rick and I did the concept for the first LP. John Baizley and I did the concept for the In Return EP. Juan Montoya (of Torche) and Aaron Turner (of ISIS/hydra-head) did the concept for Meanderthal.

POF: Meanderthal seems to be your most ‘colorful’ and accessible release in regards to the artwork. Besides the obvious caricatures of the band members, what was the overall concept of the figures on the clouds or mountains and the unique foldout? Was everything artist/guitarist Juan Montoya and Aaron Turner of Hydra Head ideas?
SB: Pretty much. Juan has been drawing caricatures of us and friends for years. I thought it would've been awesome to have him make us into monsters for the cover art. Juan and Aaron did the rest. It's pretty brilliant to my eyes.

POF: Why doesn’t the cd insert fit? I don’t want to ruin it putting it back in.
SB: Because the cd cases suck. I hate it too. Hopefully, it'll be fixed when the cd gets repressed.

POF: Meanderthal has more ‘hooks’ than In Return or the S/T. What prompted the ‘slight’ shift to a more melodic sound on the new album?
SB: I don't know? [It] just happened.

POF: What happened to your Mohawk? Actually what happened to the whole ‘aggro-metal’ look in your bio?
SB: The frohawk lasted about a week. Just for shits and giggles. I prefer the preppy me.

POF: The song “Mentor” appears on a Kemado records compilation, but Torche has only released material on Robotic Empire, Rock Action and now Hydra Head, so why nothing on Kemado yet?
SB: Yet? Fuck that label. They only gave us 4 copies of that cd comp.

POF: If you could handpick two active bands to open for you on a full tour in the near future, whom would you choose?
SB: That's a difficult question because I’m so used to opening for other bands. Monotonix would be my first choice because they're amazing. So many other bands I'd like to tour with as well

TORCHE will be on tour till the end of 2008.

"Healer" off of Meanderthal:

"Assassins" (Floor) and "Charge of the Brown Recluse"


Dark Meat at Good Records video

The day after they played in Fort Worth, DARK MEAT/VOMIT LASERS FAMILY BAND/GALAXY played at Good Records. Below is "Freedom Ritual", the first song off their debut full-length, Universal Indians (Vice). Their performance was impressive and a lot of fun, esp. when they ran through the crowd with their drums and horns in unison. I expected a novelty act because of the size of the band, but it really works. Its a fantastic band to experience live; they are loud, harmonic and they accurately duplicate it on Universal Indians. Minus the juvenile face-paint and the co-op image (they are all traveling on a huge passenger bus), they are definitely worth seeing again. Also, checkout the 4:00 min mark for a guy that's really interesting and I can't figure out why.


Coming in June . . .

Posters and Flyers for June Shows:
by Joseph of Death is Not a Joyride

by Stephen Haynes

by Jen Marlow

by Von Dada

Recently Acquired

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUBAmerican X: Baby 81 Sessions (rca)
DANAVAUnonoU (kemado)
DARK MEAT(VOMIT LASERS FAMILY BAND GALAXY) - Universal Indians (vice) - double lp + Mp3 with live bonus tracks, gatefold with lyrics insert.
DR DELAY - REM Sleep: Psych Mix (self)

EL PASO HOT BUTTON/ATTRACTIVE & POPULAR Jungle Fever/Live From Hell Split EP (little mafia) - It would be completely impossible for me to write an unbiased review of this 11 song split cd, primarily because I am thanked in the liner notes. If you have paid attention to the Flesh since last summer, then you know I am a fan and friend of both these bands; having them play at Pastime Tavern, The Public Trust, City Tavern, Ave. of Arts and most recently, Good Records for the release this EP. Attractive & Popular will be touring the West Coast till June and El Paso Hot Button will be playing select shows in the South and Midwest till the end of July. I will be helping EPHB on the following summer dates:
*5/31 – Mohawk, Austin w. Those Peabodys (cd release party) and Ume
*6/11 – New Deli House, Fayetteville, AK w. The Coathangers
*6/12 – Barleycorns, Wichita, KS w. The Coathangers
*6/13 – Opolis, Norman, OK w. The Coathangers
*7/04 – Beauty Bar, Austin w guests.

EX-MODELS feat. KID MILLIONSChrome Panthers (troubleman unlimted)
FUCKED UPHidden World (jade tree)
FUCKED UPWeekend DVD (self)
JAY REATARD - Blood Visions (in the red)

JAY REATARD - painted shut/an ugly death 7" (matador/filmworks) - clear red. and see-saw/screaming hand 7" both limited and part of his Matador singles series. He will be releasing six limited edition 7"s throughout this year.

MELT-BANANABambi’s Dilemma (a-zap)
MUTATORS – 7” (grotesque modern)
MUTATORSPaper Words – 7” EP – blue vinyl ltd to 200 (the broadway to boundary)
MUTATORS/SHEARING PINX – Split 12” (ugly pop)

The NIGHT MARCHERS – See You In Magic (swami/vagrant) – features members of Rocket from the Crypt and 3/4 of original Hot Snakes (sans Rick Froberg who is now fronting Obits). If you don’t know either of those bands, then its time for you to listen to better music.

QUIET HOOVESNo Mare O’Mine (self) – I met Quiet Hooves at Good Records when Dark Meat Vomit Laser Galaxy Family Band performed a festive in-store on Saturday afternoon, May 18th. Quiet Hooves was the opening act the night prior at Lola’s in Fort Worth. What drew me to their album was the fully silkscreened/letter-press gatefold sleeve, the image of a skateboarding horse sporting bling and the hokey title “No Mare O’Mine”. Out of Athens, GA and led by brothers, Julian and Patrick Bozeman, Quiet Hooves also features five other musicians on their new album. Jazzy horns, vintage synths, a few toys as instruments and conversational lyrics that charmingly teeter between band members; Quiet Hooves are an eclectic and experimental ensemble that’s almost a low-fi Man-Man. For the lazy: a completely stripped down and calm version of Dark Meat or a less dramatic version of Polyphonic Spree. Listen to their trilogy of songs “your body”, “your troubles” and “your mother” to get a complete feel of this witty album.

THRONES - Day Late, Dollar Short (southern lord)

EDIT: updated


Thanks and Sorry

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows I had this week. Especially Monday at Kettle and Sunday at Good Records.

Sorry for those who had to deal with the drama that occurred OUTSIDE of Good Records after the instore. While cat-fights are always 'hot', it actually sucks when you know those involved. I am genuinely upset and I hate when people get ugly and violent with each other. As Anton of Brian Jonestown Massacre says "Talk - Action = Shit" So I applaud the girl who stuck up for herself after being insulted by a stranger for over an hour. I will not address the matter any further.

I have four great shows line-up for the month of June, so I look forward to seeing everyone soon.



Some Metal Up your . . .

As you know, the infamous 'mark of the beast' is 6-6-6. This show will be two notches above that! Coming to Club Dada on 8/8/8 (August 8th, 2008) - Valient Thorr, Early Man, Skeleton Witch and one local tba. All Ages. Tickets on sale soon.

you're welcome.

EDIT: More dates added to Early Man's poster


Free Instore @ 3PM Sunday

Two band performance at Good Records on Sunday at 3PM Sharp. Norman, OK's El Paso Hot Button and Hot Springs' Attractive & Popular will be performing in honor of their split cd EP release, Jungle Fever/Live From Hell (Little Mafia).


Intern needed

Intern needed for paradeofflesh.com. College student preferred. I can arrange for you to get credit if you bring me the appropriate paperwork.

Some of the duties would include:
- archiving posters and cds.
- organizing my old recordings
- updating xcl files related to the above
- take posters to designated spots (i will cover gas)
- fix my address book
- update myspace page
- proofing press i send out

If you work out, then:
- you will be able to interview bands
- you will get into free shows (not just mine)
- you will be able to review shows
- more secret stuff too . . .

I am very flexible on time etc. please email me johnis AT paradeofflesh DOT com if you are interested.


Danava "Unonou" video

New self-titled track off of UnonoU(Kemado) by Danava.

thanks to whoever sent this into me... and or filmed it.

Edit: song title updated


Parts & Labor as a four-piece

In the past year, PARTS & LABOR endured two major changes for a noise-rock trio, let alone any band. First, their drummer & collaborator Christopher R. Weingarten, departed to run the music website "Paperthin Walls". The last formal release with him is Escapers Two (Ace Fu), which is an experimental 51-track/29min EP that was recorded in only two days. Weingarten was replaced by Joe Wong, from the bands, Akarso, Garland of Hours and Mary Timony Band. He has also contributed on some Beauty Pill (Dischord) releases.

The second major change was adding guitarist, Sarah Lipstate, to take some slack off of Dan Friel, who felt that P & L's potential was being limited since he was trying to do too many things live. I will have to agree with him, because what you will see below is is the greatest incarnation of them thus far. Filmed at Doublewide, immediately after SXSW. "Wedding in a Wasteland" will appear on their next release, scheduled for this fall.

"Changing of the Guard"

"Wedding In a Wasteland"


Photos and Video from Ecstatic Sunshine/Cex

Actually, only photos right now... Thanks SALLY.

Ecstatic Sunshine and Cex at Kettle Art.

Video to come later this week.

Recently Acquired + mp3s

BUM KONDrunken Sex Sucks (Smooch) – I love when I get a brutal and raw album in the mail that is virgin to my ears and I am still able to listen to it straight through without losing interest. Named after Korean Police Officer + Mass Murderer Woo Bum Kon, BUM KON is an old Denver punk band that released two LPs and the very rare 5-song Drunken Sex Sucks 7” back in 1983. The album, Drunken Sex Sucks, compiles all their studio recordings from the DSS 7” session. Bum Kon is true 80’s hardcore, anti-Reagan/TSOL era punk influenced by Husker Du yet manages to mimic Black Flag without being cliché. If you weren’t paying attention and their track “Giving In” was playing, you would think it was Dead Kennedys. Bum Kon’s Drunken Sex Sucks reminds me of parties with a lot of broken glass and an era of crusty black and white handbills. Giving In mp3 and Drunken Sex Sucks mp3

CRYPTACIZE - Dig That Treasure (asthmatic kitty)– this is the ‘softest’ band I have booked since Gowns last year. This trio’s new album is 31 minutes of quirky, yet sensual, low-fi dreamy-pop sing-a-longs, which is an appropriate assessment when they have a song titled “Cosmic Sing-A-Long”. Every song seems to create a scene in a book that changes emotions depending on who is singing. For some reason, Cryptacize reminds me of the band Quasi, even Numbers, but without the catchy hooks. Portions of Dig That Treasure can even be compared to the Belle & Sebastian side-project Looper, but with actual hooks. I can’t wait to see Cryptacize pull this off live with Florene and Tulsa’s Callupsie at Club Dada on June 20th.

iKillCARSat ease with your haste (self) I have only heard three songs from this Austin garage/punk trio and now I am waiting to hear more. If you dig Brooklyn’s Panthers or Los Angeles’ Icarus Line, then you will have no problem getting into ikillCars. audio player They will be playing with Austin's Death is Not A Joyride and Dallas' Tiger Moth on June 7th at Pastime Tavern.

Death is Not a Joyride
- the Human Zoo (self) You know I dig bands that wear masks. So expect good things. review to come.


The Sword "How Heavy This Axe" Soundcheck

at lola's in fort worth on friday. the first night of their tour with Torche

EDIT: Videos and a Video from earlier this year.

Torche "Healer" video

from Lola's in Fort Worth on Friday.


You, go live in Baltimore

Part three in a series . . .

Baltimore is not just a city of drug infested row homes and decrepit tenement buildings as portrayed on the old NBC Drama, Homicide: "life on the streets" or the recently concluded HBO series the WIRE. Narcotics runs rampant through B-More, only because of their ports and the shipping industry which causes it to be one of the major gateways for drugs along the entire East Coast. So... Baltimoreans know how to get down, oh and make music. Use your interweb skills if you are unaware of these current bands contributions to B-More.

| the deathset | dan deacon | video hippos | cex | ecstatic sunshine | wzt hearts |

see also Oxes vs. Old Navy, Monitor Records, Wham City and Ace City Cakes (food tv). What I really do like about Baltimore, Maryland in general, is CRABs. (insert your own joke here). Specifically CRAB CAKES from G & M Restaurant. It's all lump meat with no bullshit bread filler.

PART ONE : Louisville, KY
PART TWO : Atlanta

Monday, May 12th


Monday, May 12th at Kettle Art | 2714 Elm | Deep Ellum | 75226? |8PM - 11PM | ALL AGES | $5 | byob for 21+
Ecstatic Sunshine and Cex Spring Tour 2008 click for flyer scroll below for awesome silkscreen they did for the tour
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Previously a spastic guitar only duo from Baltimore, Ecstatic Sunshine added a third member to contribute electronic elements to their innovative and unique approach to manipulating the guitar (versus playing it) on the LIVING EP (Wildfire) and on their 3 song full length WAY on Cardboard records (owned by BJ and Dan of Parts & Labor). YES, 3 songs in 30 minutes. This shit is epic! The songs on WAY individually go through hypnotic transitions that cleverly shift and expand, combining endless loops of odd, yet harmonic and beautiful, guitar and electronic noises. They are contributors to the Wham City Baltimore party scene, which has gained fame for exposing the deathset, Dan Deacon, Video Hippos and Wzt Hearts over the past few years. They are on a co-headlining tour with tigerbeat 6 legend CEX(alt link), whose entire set will be comprised of Steely Dan samples. You heard correct, STEELY DAN. It will be completely entertaining and accessible to those who want to shake their rumps. The night will also feature dj sets before and after from Alan FORMERLY of ghosthustler and Schwa of Cool Out, etc..

Ecstatic Sunshine w. Dan Deacon:

and "Anagram" :


Thrones is tonight

ha! I forgot to make a post this morning. oh well people know; at least the ones that should.

aKKolyte go on at 9:30PM, then we go on from that point.



Ecstatic Sunshine MOVED to MAY 12th

The Dallas show has been moved to MONDAY, May 12th. 8PM to 11PM. Sorry for any confusion. Don't complain, there's too much to do on Saturday nights and never enough on Monday evenings. (plus I made it only $5 now for the headache)

ECSTATIC SUNSHINE and CEX. 8PM - 11PM KETTLE ART GALLERY Deep Ellum $5 ALL AGES, byob for 21+ Alan Palomo formerly of Ghosthustler and Schwa (after party at Cool Out at the Cavern).




This coming THURSDAY

Let the hedonism resume!

Thursday, May 8th at Double-Wide | 3510 Commerce St | 75226 | $8 | 21+ | 9PM
click for flyer
T H R O N E S (Salem, OR - Kill Rock Stars)- FIRST TOUR IN FOUR YEARS!! Joe Preston has released solo albums under the name "Thrones" for almost 15 years. Legendary ex-bassist for the MELVINS, HIGH ON FIRE and EARTH. Watch in amazement as he constructs and fuses metal, punk and noise piece by piece, loop by loop. ONE of only TWO Texas shows this year!!
The HIGH COST OF LIVING - (Semi)instrumental hardcore metal trio from Austin who opened for the Sword the last time they played Ft. Worth. They are the next GENESIS of metal in Austin. KIDDING! But they do pull a 'phil collins' on a couple of songs. Someone from the SWORD is recording their upcoming full length.
aKKolyte - brothers gonzalez' grindcore two-piece awesomeness who are FINALLY headed to the studio to record their overdue full length over the next few weeks. They will be recording audio from tonight's show to add to the album. Come support them!

*It will be Jacob's (of warcola, life death continuum) birthday.
**Alan from Moontunes will be in town

THRONES: "Oso Malo" (thanks gary)

THCOL: "Crash the System" and "Brandy of the Damned"

aKKolyte: "A Miniature History of Transgressions" and "Viral Negativity"