On Sale NOW, and Sept. 4th

Not sure why they are announcing the tour so early, but . . .
TORCHE (atlanta/miami)
BLACK COBRA (san francisco)
CLOUDS (boston)
Friday, November 21st
at The Lounge on Elm St (Ages 18+)
2810 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226
Ages 18+ Only. $10 for 21+, $13 for 18+
Tickets avail HERE(frontgate) or at Good Records.
This will be TORCHE's 2nd Dallas show since I had them play at Double-wide in March with Parts & Labor. Since then, they have come through the metroplex twice. The first supporting The Sword in Fort Worth and then Boris in Dentron. Here is an interview I did with their lead singer Steve Brooks.

On sale September 4th at Good Records or Frontgate tickets HERE
... And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (from Austin)
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin)
Dead Twins (Dallas)
at Club Dada - 2720 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226
Friday, November 7th 9PM.
All Ages. $10 for 21+, $15 for under

One of only three shows on their "mini-tour" of Texas. Houston->Dallas->Austin. This will be Trail of Dead's first North Texas appearance in almost two years, the last time they played in Dallas was at the Granada Theater in 2006; opening for Seattle's Blood Brothers. Weather permitting, they will be playing outside of Club Dada as a warm-up for their appearance at this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest (with Bad Brains and Dead Milkmen headlining) on Nov. 8th or 9th in Austin.

poster by Von Dada


Recently Acquired

ANNA OXYGEN - This Is An Exercise (kill rock stars)
BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS - Skullgrid (black market/metal blade)
FUTURE OF THE LEFT - Curses! (too pure)
ICY DEMONS - Tears of A Clone (eastern developements)
HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW - Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock (ferret)
JAGUAR LOVE - Highways/My Organs 7" (matador) - ex-blood bros
PARTY FOWL - 7" (post present medium)
PINK MOUNTAINTOPS - Single Life 7" (jagjaguwar)
TIGHT BRO'S FROM WAY BACK WHEN - Lend You A Hand (kill rock stars)
TOP SECRET ROBOT ALLIANCE - God's Gift II Dance Ep (shack in the woods)
YELLOW SWANS - At All Ends (load)
YOUNG WIDOWS - Old Wounds (troubleman unlimited)
WZT HEARTS - Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones (carpark)


Thurs, Aug. 28th info + mp3s

Some noise acts from all over Tejas:

from Houston and out on tour pushing two new releases: FREE GOLD! (we are free records) and FAKE & CHEAP (deleted art): INDIAN JEWELRY (REAL SITE)
MP3s: "Walking on the Water" and "Nonetheless"

from Dentron/McKinney; experimental & improvisational noise act on Mayyrh records: ZANZIBAR SNAILS


August 28th at The Lounge on Elm St. - 2810 Elm St. 75226

Doors at 8PM. $6 for 21+, $10 for 18+

poster by Nevada Hill


A Place to Bury Strangers - mp3s

As I have said since March, A Place to Bury Strangers are amazing live and their S/T LP is an epic shoegazer album, which will be appreciated by fans of Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and early Cure. They are finally coming to Dallas, twice. First, at American Airlines center, opening for NIN on August 18th and then headlining Oct 13th at the Loft with Sian Alice Group, whom I had play at the Cavern earlier this year with Die! Die! Die!

Live in Austin on WOXY
link to d/l with over 10 other bands

Live on Radio K (Univ. of Minn) link to d/l

I Know I'll See You (Clapp Remix) link to d/l

To Fix the Gash In Your Head (Grime Reaper remix)


Next Thursday, Aug. 21st info + mp3s

poster by James C. Heimer

The Ultimate Brodeo Tour featuring:

INTRONAUT (los angeles) Previously on the progressive metal label, Translation Loss, Prehistoricisms is Intronaut’s first effort on Century Media. "The Literal Black Cloud" (MP3)
the making of the album (part 1):

MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT (Dayton, oh) – Sludgy and more doom oriented than their former label mates, Intronaut, Mouth of the Architect is out pushing their new album Quietly (translation loss).
live in arizona (2008):

BEHOLD . . . The ARCTOPUS (Brooklyn) An experimental instrumental metal trio that creates chaos within each song. For fans of an albatross, Genghis Tron, and Dysrhythmia. Their last album was 2007’s Skullgrid (black market activities) but they have a new release scheduled for Metal Blade Records.
performing "Canada"

Doors at 7:30. All Ages. $8 for 21+

Recently Acquired

The BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACREMy Bloody Underground (cargo)
CHEAP TIMEHandy Man/Wildlife (douchemaster) 7”
CHEAP TIMES/T (in the red)
DARKER MY LOVE2 (dangerbird)
The FAINT - Fasciinatiion (blank.wav)
ISLANDSArms Way (anti)
LIZ PHAIR - Exile In Guyville Anniversary/Reissue (ato)
MAN MAN - Rabbit Habits (anti)
PRIMAL SCREAM - Beautiful Future (b-unique)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPTHot Charity/Cut Carefully and Play Loud (swami)
SKELETONWITCH - Beyond The Permafrost (Prosthetic)

SYSTEM & STATIONA Nation of Actors (latest flame) – I can see these guys playing a show at the cavern. People who DO NOT read this site will like this album a lot.

TITUS ANDRONICUSThe Airing of Grievances 12” (troubleman unlimited) - test pressing, hand #ed 479/500

YUPPIE PRICKS – balls. (chicken ranch) – Balls. is an aggressive and humorous punk album that clocks-in right at 22 minutes. There are so many songs involving Donkeys and Juggs that one can listen to in a single sitting and they knew just when to cut it off. Patrons of Bar of Soap probably enjoy this band live.


Free Shows (monthly)

With help from the "almost" opened The Lounge on Elm St, I will be hosting a series of FREE shows once a month till the end of the year. All shows are FREE/Donations Appreciated for those 21 and Up, and $10 for those 18+.

Saturday, Aug 9th - Titus Andronicus (nj) w. Death is not a Joyride (austin) & Tiger Moth (dallas)*This show 21+ only

Friday, Sept 26th - Culture Prophet (SC) w. Top Secret Robot Alliance w. Keith P & Prince William to DJ

Monday, Oct 20th - The Death Set (nyc/baltimore) w. PVC Street Gang/Sydney Confirm & Tommy Boy to DJ

Nov ??th - tba soon

Dec 14th - A Parade of Flesh X-Mas with Special Guests TBA

A Little Too Reatarded

Upon meeting Jay Reatard (aka Jay Lindsey) on Monday at 6PM, I said ‘fuck’ to myself because of his haggard appearance and odd demeanor. The next two hours became nothing more than a black comedy disguised as incoherent ramblings from a spoiled overgrown child.

Within the next hour, Jay threatened The Strange Boys for an article that appeared in last week’s Austin Chronicle. In short, the article reveals that The Strange Boys are not releasing the Jay Lindsey produced tracks for their upcoming In The Red debut LP. By 7PM he was whining and pouting “I am not playing tonight if [The Strange Boys] are.” This was after bitching and yelling at them for 30 minutes in the green room as if they were his children. He even unleashed his anger by throwing a glass in the green room. RIOT ON JAY! The Strange Boys said he had been pissed about the article all day long, even calling from the road to vent at them.

About 30 minutes later, the major drama started because Jay wanted to let a girl into the show that he met on myspace earlier that day. The emails probably went like this: A/S/L, 134, LMAO, LOL, BFF etc. The skank informed us that she had no I.D., but claimed to work as a dancer at Million Dollar Saloon. (FYI, she looked 16) By TABC law, venues in Texas cannot permit minors into a bar (even if its an all ages show) without picture identification. Jay refused to speak to me or the owner; blabbing non-sense that he “tried to advance the show with him for six weeks about this and he never responded.” By the way, Stephen Pope, his bass player and tour manager, confirmed this was bullshit and we should just ignore Jay, since “he will calm down soon”. By 8PM he was loading the van and left the show with the myspace whore.

Jay Lindsey did not want to play the show. Why?
He is rich now and likes to remind people of that fact. My favorite quote by him: “You know how much money I have in the bank!” Actually, Yes; $250,000 courtesy of Matador Records.
He got paid almost Four times the Dallas guarantee in Austin the night prior.
He had been doing coke for 12 hours straight.
He had not slept in two days.
He left to go buy $55 worth of LSD.

I guess ditching the groupie, then eating Chinese take-out in your hotel room, while tripping on Acid is much better than playing a show. Jay Lindsey solidified his infamous and difficult reputation by disappointed over 100 fans, all to get fucked up on drugs. Technically, he gave up over $1K for some horrid underage girl that he didn't even slay; when he should spend it on therapy to work out his sexuality. Apparently (and there is video to prove it - ask Cheap Time), when Jay Lindsey gets ‘reatarded’, he “jokingly” likes to perform oral sex on sleeping bandmates and tour mates. So maybe being pictured in bed with Bradford Cox on the cover of his last Matador 7" was not a gag?

The only rumor I couldn’t verify: Jay Reatard bailed on recording with Stuart Sikes in Dallas.

NOTE: While I am not mad about what happened on Monday, I am disappointed as a fan. As a promoter I find it annoying, yet a really memorable evening.

UPDATE: Brooklyn Vegan picked up on the story, then Idolator poked fun at the comments section on BV post.


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