a long hiatus

This site was suppose to be finished this past October, upon my return from the Northeastern US portion of the Swearing At Motorists tour, but that obviously didn’t happen due to some miscommunication and whatever personal drama the web designer had going on. I pretty much just said fuck it, I will deal with it after the holidays, since I myself got wrapped up in garbage. Being down over half a year really bummed me out. In the interim I started checking out some local music blogs gorillavsbear.net, bigDlittled and argument central: weshotjr.com. In not-so-local, chunklet.com started adding a lot content to their site in the latter half of the year. Wow… I had A/V Club and they came up with A/V Lab. At least CHUNKLET rules. If they sucked, then I would really gripe.

Please be patient with me as things develop here over time. I am still taping shows and all of my old videos that were originally posted up are on my http://youtube.com/user/paradeofflesh

For the past year, I have been a mood enhancer at Monkey Bar in Dallas every Friday from 10pm to 2am. The night is called 15min of Shame w. johnis Bring your ipod, cds or vinyl and I will play around 15 minutes of your music.