2007 Recap

Solely for being encouraged to do so, I provide you with a recap of 2007 for Parade of Flesh. Enjoy:

Shows Booked: 21
Shows Cancelled: 2
Bands played: 40+
Bands cancelled: 5 or 6

Strange Boys/Brimstone Howl/Sean Kirkpatrick at Pastime Tavern on Oct. 6th and Antelope/Attractive $ Popular/El Paso Hot Button/Baltazar/Prince William on Dec. 20th
Bark Bark Bark’s so called DJ set after their live set @ Monkey Bar on Aug. 3rd
Ferdie of 400 Blows getting sick. He has left the band since.
Packed House(s):
She-Dick/Eat Avery’s Bones/Prince William @ Monkey Bar on July 20th, Witchcraft/Saviours/Vorvadoss @ Double-Wide on Nov. 2nd and the free xmas show on Dec. 20th
Unpacked House:
Birthday Suits/Maaster Gaiden @ Pastime Tavern on Aug. 20th
Local bands not promoting themselves.

Top Albums: (alphabetical order)
Big Business: Here Come the Waterworks (Hydrahead)
Burning Brides: Hang Love (self)
Dead Child: S/T EP (Cold Sweat)
El Paso Hot Button: When I Needed Sympathy (Little Mafia)
Interpol: Our Love to Admire (Matador)
Liars: S/T (Mute)
This Moment in Black History: It takes a nation of assholes . . (Cold Sweat)
VietNam: S/T (Kemado)
The Willowz: Chataugua (Dim Mak)
Wolf & Cub: Vessels (4AD)

Best Packaging/Format:
Horse the Band: Pizza EP (LIF)
No Age series of vinyl Eps (Various labels)
Radiohead: In Rainbows (self)