Glass Candy "Life After Sundown" video

Last night at ART CLUB, formerly known as Avenue of the Arts, G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y/ peformed sans drummer. The show was fun if you like grinding against young, out-of-shape, hipster chicks. So, yes, I had a good time. And who was the girl that kept asking my name? For your information, you have very nice D.S.L.

The only downside last night was Ida No's vocals sounded as if she was performing karakoke on a Thursday at Meridian Room. Johnny Jewel even grumbled afterwards that he was not pleased with the sound/PA system. As there was not one, or at least not one he was satisfied with? Just listen to the end of this clip. Zachary filmed this epic gootube masterpiece with one of my older DV cams.