Ghosthustler R.I.P.

Wow! I have known about this for a couple of weeks and was readily waiting for a formal "denouncement" from them:

For reaso​ns both creat​ive and life chang​ing,​ I have decid​ed to leave​ Ghost​hustl​er and move on. Amids​t these​ circu​mstan​ces my bandm​ates have deeme​d it neces​sary to carry​ on witho​ut me; I wish them the best of luck.​ Expec​t great​ thing​s to conti​nue being​ relea​sed from the Ghost​hustl​er name and from my new proje​ct in the near futur​e.​

See you soon,​
Alan Palom​o

Dentron's well hyped, retro-electro dance band, GHOSTHUSTLER have called it a day. Sort of, but its pretty much a done deal in my eyes. Lead singer Alan Palomo will develop himself into greatness, while the other two lads will attempt to go on as GHOSTHUSTLER? Yeah it sucks. Their final show was this past Thursday at the Palladium Ballroom for QUICK's Next Big Thing Awards Show. The only ghost now will be of Alan. I have not witnessed this much warranted attention for a local band in years. What a genuine loss to the DFW music community.

So the Ghosthustler live set at Kettle Art on May 10th will now be a dj set by Alan Palomo.