Recently Acquired

in the past two weeks:
BUM KON - Drunken Sex Sucks (?) - reissue of '83 7" and all studio recordings
CLOCKCLEAN ER - Babylon Rules (load)
CRYSTAL CASTLES - Crystal Castles (last gang)
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Freckle Wars (carpark)
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Way (cardboard)
HEALTH - Heaven + Remixes 12" (flemish eye) yellow vinyl
HEALTH -You Will Love Each Other (lovepump united)
INDIAN JEWELRY - We are the Wild Beast (tigerbeat 6)
IRON LUNG - Sexless/No Sex 12" (prank)
IRON LUNG - Cancer 7" (iron lung) hand numbered/stamped 368/524
SAVIOURS - Into Abaddon lp + mp3 (kemado) gatefold. lyrics on sleeve
The SWORD - The Gods of Earth lp + mp3 (kemado) gatefold
TORCHE - Meanderthal (hydra head) worth it just for the album insert