Think Outside the Bun

Since the Cambridge Room at House of Blues was recently changed to the so subtle and clever, The Pontiac Garage, I have been paying attention to annoying and inappropriate sponsors lately.

This summer while filming a random show in Austin, I came across a mall-punk band from Long Island called Blameshift; they would probably play at The Door if they were to come through Dallas. What’s so special about them? Nothing. The only reason I mention them is that I think it is amusing that they are sponsored by TACO BELL (and many others). Companies, such as FYE and Hot Topic are legitimate sponsors for bands, but Taco Bell doesn’t really make any sense to me. You would never question a vice, such as alcohol or cigarettes sponsoring a band or a tour, even clothing companies, but Taco Bell is out of place. I made a joke about it to the lead singer of Blameshift, asking if they made them sing a song about beans or what? And she said Taco Bell sponsors only five bands a year. Then told me she takes the Taco Bell bucks and buys the cheapest thing on the menu, then uses the change to go eat somewhere else just as shitty. She also touted that the majority of the locations do not hassle her about the change and the rest of the band doesn’t mind eating there all the time.

This got me thinking about bands being sponsored by fast food restaurants or other unrelated companies. The most obvious business that initially came to mind was, Kentucky Fried Chicken aka “KFC” on the streets. I can seriously imagine KFC sponsoring three acts: 1) Kool Keith, 2) Buckethead and 3) Flaming Lips. Kool Keith use to throw fried chicken and pornography out to the audience on his past tours. The artist known as Buckethead, wears a KFC bucket on his head during interviews and performances; hopefully, his name indicated that. And finally, lead singer Wayne Coyne worked for many years at an Oklahoma City KFC location during the early days of the Flaming Lips.

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits gave cards to Beyonce & the other ladies of Destiny’s Child that entitled them to eat at any location for free for life. How ironic that the person that doesn’t need the free food is the recipient, all because they mentioned Popeyes as their favorite food in an interview back in the day. By the way, and I know you are not keeping track, but Popeyes has recently changed their name to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Way to milk Katrina!

Of Montreal used alternative lyrics from their song Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games for an Outback Steakhouse commercial. That’s pretty bad that they compromised the track, unlike Hot Chip, which practically handed Geico Insurance an album for all thr commercials with the Cavemen.

There was really no point to any of this, other than to reflect the fact I was bored when coming up with it. I will probably add to this whenever I come up with something to add.

EDIT 10/03: Wayne Coyne supposedly worked at Long John Silvers. The internet is for rumors and false information.