El Paso Hot Button/Lipstick Terror Split 7"

Under the guise of us two records, my friend Alan and I started a record label. Alan moves back to Dallas at the end of this month, but we have been working on this prior to knowing that and the tunes have already gone to the pressing plant. The goal will be unique vinyl, split bands and cdrs for all releases.

Our first release is scheduled for October 1st. It features an exclusive track by solo garage punk act El Paso Hot Button (Norman, OK) called "3-4-1", his darkest song to date. The b-side has "The Epitome of A Catalyst Intervention" which is my favorite song by the bilingual hardcore punk band Lipstick Terror (Mexicali). This will be both bands debut on vinyl. Visit us two's myspace to preview the tracks.

The second release will feature Batwings (San Diego) & When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin).

more info soon.