AKKOLYTE Are Always Awesome

AKKOLYTE, composed of the Gonzalez brothers, are a grindcore/punk duo from Dallas, played at SLOPPYWORLD on Friday, along w. The Great Tyrant (who's set was way too long) and LOOP 12. I arrived late, so I was unable to catch LOOP 12; and I left early, so I am not sure how the after hours dance party went. I look forward to having two shows at SLOPPYWORLD next month. It was well run and the bathroom was working fine despite the rumors. And they really mean ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME! Speaking of siblings, a local brother and sister dj crew were forcibly removed for violating this rule. Hint: They are opening for Chinese Stars on March 9th.

AKKOLYTE: A Miniature History of Transgressions & Viral Negativity