here is some of the artwork for the March shows: (more to come) CLICK ALL TO ENLARGE

03/09 - The Chinese Stars/EL Paso Hot Button - silkscreen by Nevada Hill

03/10 - Foreign Islands/Lipstick Terror/These Are Powers/Prince William - by Frances

03/11 - Modey Lemon/The Phantom Family Halo band - by POF

03/13 - White Mice/Coathangers/Pleasureboaters/dj scotch egg - by Brian McClure/concept by POF

03/16 - Parts & Labor/Torche/Pterodactyl/Shooting Spires - silkscreen design by Zachary Broadhurst/printed by Nevada Hill
(image coming soon)

Flyer for the week of March 10th - 17th - Matt McMenamin