This coming THURSDAY

Let the hedonism resume!

Thursday, May 8th at Double-Wide | 3510 Commerce St | 75226 | $8 | 21+ | 9PM
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T H R O N E S (Salem, OR - Kill Rock Stars)- FIRST TOUR IN FOUR YEARS!! Joe Preston has released solo albums under the name "Thrones" for almost 15 years. Legendary ex-bassist for the MELVINS, HIGH ON FIRE and EARTH. Watch in amazement as he constructs and fuses metal, punk and noise piece by piece, loop by loop. ONE of only TWO Texas shows this year!!
The HIGH COST OF LIVING - (Semi)instrumental hardcore metal trio from Austin who opened for the Sword the last time they played Ft. Worth. They are the next GENESIS of metal in Austin. KIDDING! But they do pull a 'phil collins' on a couple of songs. Someone from the SWORD is recording their upcoming full length.
aKKolyte - brothers gonzalez' grindcore two-piece awesomeness who are FINALLY headed to the studio to record their overdue full length over the next few weeks. They will be recording audio from tonight's show to add to the album. Come support them!

*It will be Jacob's (of warcola, life death continuum) birthday.
**Alan from Moontunes will be in town

THRONES: "Oso Malo" (thanks gary)

THCOL: "Crash the System" and "Brandy of the Damned"

aKKolyte: "A Miniature History of Transgressions" and "Viral Negativity"