Friday: Aug 9th - Titus Andronicus + mp3

FRIDAY the 9th: NOTE THE VENUE . . .Here is an mp3 of "Titus Andronicus" by Titus Andronicus; it is off their debut album The Airing Of Grievances (troubleman unlimited). This album/band has a slight resemblance to Connor Oberst's (of Bright Eyes) brief punk side project Desaparecidos (saddle creek). The Airing Of Grievances is a punk + shoegazer rock album which will transfer very well into a bar drinking atmosphere. The bill will be rounded out by Austin's seven piece experimental
avant-garde band, Death is Not a Joyride & Dallas' emerging Tiger Moth. At the LOUNGE on ELM ST; 21+ only FREE SHOW to end the week with a THANK YOU.