Nevada Hill/Zanzibar Snails

I was at Nevada Hill's house earlier today because he is helping me on my Jay Reatard poster for next month. He has done posters for my Aids Wolf, X-Mas Party and Chinese Stars shows. Besides being amazing at silkscreen printing, Nevada is also in the Dentron band Zanzibar Snails, who just got a write up in The Wire magazine:

Zanzibar Snails Krakkatowiak MAYYRH 3” CD: From Denton, the past home of Texas’s space rock programme, The Zanzibar Snails have emerged as one of the region’s more interesting units over the past couple of years. They appear as a quartet here, using feedback, sax, electronics and percussion to create an extremely neat kind of racket. The feel is akin to The Dead C jamming with Paul Flaherty, and you’d have to agree, that’s a good goddamn feel. - Byron Coley, THE WIRE

Zanzibar Snails will be opening up for INDIAN JEWELRY on August 28th at The Lounge. Yes, Nevada will be doing the poster for the show.