You, Go Live in Chicago

Part Four in a series . . .

Chicago, IL always had a sick dance music scene for as long as I could remember, but currently, their progressive, instrumental and indie metal scene is probably the best in the nation. I am headed up to Chicago this weekend to see some friends and I will attempt to catch PELICAN who is playing for Free on Thursday (w. Foals, Walter Meego and a bunch of other bands that don't fit the bill) and INDIAN who is opening for Witchcraft and Dead Child (see Part One) on Saturday. By coincidence, I ignorantly chose the weekend of Lollapaloser to go up; at least none of my friends are participating in that headache.

INDIAN - doom
PELICAN Four-piece instrumental
RUSSIAN CIRCLES Instrumental trio who played Fort Worth in June and are currently touring with Coheed & Cambria and Secret Machines
TUSK - grindcore side-project of Pelican

see Seventh Rule Recording for Indian, Hydra-Head for Pelican & Tusk and Suicide Squeeze for Russian Circles.

see also HE WHO CORRUPTS they will be touring again in 2009

PART ONE : Louisville, KY
PART TWO : Atlanta
PART THREE: Baltimore

EDIT: didn't go. I overslept and missed my flight.