You, go live in Baltimore

Part three in a series . . .

Baltimore is not just a city of drug infested row homes and decrepit tenement buildings as portrayed on the old NBC Drama, Homicide: "life on the streets" or the recently concluded HBO series the WIRE. Narcotics runs rampant through B-More, only because of their ports and the shipping industry which causes it to be one of the major gateways for drugs along the entire East Coast. So... Baltimoreans know how to get down, oh and make music. Use your interweb skills if you are unaware of these current bands contributions to B-More.

| the deathset | dan deacon | video hippos | cex | ecstatic sunshine | wzt hearts |

see also Oxes vs. Old Navy, Monitor Records, Wham City and Ace City Cakes (food tv). What I really do like about Baltimore, Maryland in general, is CRABs. (insert your own joke here). Specifically CRAB CAKES from G & M Restaurant. It's all lump meat with no bullshit bread filler.

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