Parts & Labor as a four-piece

In the past year, PARTS & LABOR endured two major changes for a noise-rock trio, let alone any band. First, their drummer & collaborator Christopher R. Weingarten, departed to run the music website "Paperthin Walls". The last formal release with him is Escapers Two (Ace Fu), which is an experimental 51-track/29min EP that was recorded in only two days. Weingarten was replaced by Joe Wong, from the bands, Akarso, Garland of Hours and Mary Timony Band. He has also contributed on some Beauty Pill (Dischord) releases.

The second major change was adding guitarist, Sarah Lipstate, to take some slack off of Dan Friel, who felt that P & L's potential was being limited since he was trying to do too many things live. I will have to agree with him, because what you will see below is is the greatest incarnation of them thus far. Filmed at Doublewide, immediately after SXSW. "Wedding in a Wasteland" will appear on their next release, scheduled for this fall.

"Changing of the Guard"

"Wedding In a Wasteland"