Monday, May 12th


Monday, May 12th at Kettle Art | 2714 Elm | Deep Ellum | 75226? |8PM - 11PM | ALL AGES | $5 | byob for 21+
Ecstatic Sunshine and Cex Spring Tour 2008 click for flyer scroll below for awesome silkscreen they did for the tour
ECSTATIC SUNSHINE - Previously a spastic guitar only duo from Baltimore, Ecstatic Sunshine added a third member to contribute electronic elements to their innovative and unique approach to manipulating the guitar (versus playing it) on the LIVING EP (Wildfire) and on their 3 song full length WAY on Cardboard records (owned by BJ and Dan of Parts & Labor). YES, 3 songs in 30 minutes. This shit is epic! The songs on WAY individually go through hypnotic transitions that cleverly shift and expand, combining endless loops of odd, yet harmonic and beautiful, guitar and electronic noises. They are contributors to the Wham City Baltimore party scene, which has gained fame for exposing the deathset, Dan Deacon, Video Hippos and Wzt Hearts over the past few years. They are on a co-headlining tour with tigerbeat 6 legend CEX(alt link), whose entire set will be comprised of Steely Dan samples. You heard correct, STEELY DAN. It will be completely entertaining and accessible to those who want to shake their rumps. The night will also feature dj sets before and after from Alan FORMERLY of ghosthustler and Schwa of Cool Out, etc..

Ecstatic Sunshine w. Dan Deacon:

and "Anagram" :