Recently Acquired

In the past two weeks or coming soon; a lot of T's, but unfortunately no A's.

Also, I finally setup my turntable(s) for the first time in months and I forgot how much better vinyl sounds. Granted you get spoiled with never having to flip a record by using itunes, but it sounds like shit compared to vinyl.

The COOL KIDS - The Bake Sale (chocolate ind) - Good to play this summer at your pool party or for cruising around in your Honda or Acura. (mind you I dig hondas & acuras) Clever album with no longevity.

DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into (almost gold) - This is a decent debut, despite the horrible band name and ridiculously long album title. The sound is trendy and manufactured catering to fans of Klaxons, Ghostland Observatory, the Horrors and even Justice. The direction of this release loses focus with the intro mimicking Justice, but then half-way through the album, "Attack of the 60FT Lesbian Octopus" sounds like an amped-up Cramps track sans vocals. Also features Sebastian Grainger (ex-DFA 1979/Femme Fatale) on vocals for "Let's Make Out".

FUCKED UP - Dangerous Fumes/Fixed Race 7" (hate)- german edition
FUCKED UP - Mix tape volume II cassette (self)
FUCKED UP - Police 7" (deranged) - repress
FUCKED UP - Triumph of Life mini cd - (vice) - features Year of the Pig & Neat Parts
FUCKED UP - Year of the Dog/Last Man Standing 12" (blocks recording club) - insert with lyrics, hand stamped label
iKILLCars - at ease with your haste CD + 12" test (what?)
iKILLCars - Becky EP (self)
JESU - Conquerer (hydrahead)

NO AGE - Nouns 12" + mp3 d/l (subpop) - white vinyl - Public Enemy said "Don't believe the hype", so make your decision yourself on this one. I loved getting all their 12"s and 7"s two years ago, but I still don't understand the hype behind them. (or maybe hype-machine). At times Nouns sounds like everything else 'hot' right now, but then it surprises you on some tracks that it's still just the two dudes from Wives.

TARANTULA - Atlantic (kemado) - WARNING!!!!: very f'in boring. i should have said it was scratched and returned it. I have it on a random playlist of new stuff i have, and every time one of their tracks comes on, I say "what is this garbage" and immediately change it.

TIDES/GIANT - Split LP (level plane) gatefold red & black streaked vinyl - Don't sleep on this release. I am sure Giant has wet dreams involving ISIS.

The TING TINGS -We Started Nothing
TITUS ANDRONICUS - 7" (troublemanunlimited) - fully silkscreened sleeve and hand numbered out of 500 - touring in august
TOMBS - S/T LP (level plane)
TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR - Young Vampires of New Hampshire 7" (level plane) red vinyl
VALIENT THORR - Immortalizer (volcom) - playing Club Dada on 8/8/8 w. Early Man, Skeleton Witch and Golden Axe
V/A - BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979 - 85 (everloving)
WIRES ON FIRE - S/T (buddyhead)
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Two Hunters (southern lord)

EDIT: forgot to list a few items