Recently Acquired

A TENSION/COACHWHIPS - Split 7" (kimosciotic)
BEST FWENDS - Second Seven Inch 7" (moshi moshi) - green
BRIMSTONE HOWL - M-60 7" (boom chick)

BURNING BRIDES - Anhedonia (self) If you have caught this indie power rock trio from Philly/Los Angeles on one of their many tours in the past 9 years, then you will know what to expect out of this release. Last of the 'million dollar' bands signed to V2, Burning Brides have self-produced and released their material since V2 folded a few years back. Granted there is not any screaming like on the first two albums, but Anhedonia is a solid continuation of Hang Love. Still unsatisfied with life and exploiting the dark side, the band leans towards stoner rock (in a good way) on this release. As been said by many bands, "Burning Brides are a band's band", touring with Icarus Line, Cave-In, Division of Laura Lee, ...Trail of Dead, Queens of the Stone Age, Audioslave, A Perfect Circle and recently with Fu Manchu. Envision a lot of heads bobbing when they play at Club Dada on July 9th with Middle Class Rut (sacramento) and True Widow (ex-slowride).

CARBONAS - Lost Cause/Nineteen 7" (robshouse)
CRYPTACIZE/WHY? - Unusual Animals Vol. 4 7" (asthmatic kitty)
DAUGHTERS - Live at CBGB (city of hell) - ltd to 1000
DAUGHTERS - first 7" (city of hell) - 4th and final pressing
FLOOR - Dove (no idea)
FLORENE - EP (self)
FOLLOWED BY STATIC - 49th & Duval Vol. 1 CASSETTE (self)
LOST SOUNDS - Future Touch EP 12" (in the red)
LOST SOUNDS - Memphis Is Dead 12" (big neck) - white
MAYOLA - Everybody (self)
The MUMMIES - Food, Sickles, And Girls 7" (estrus)
The MUMMIES - Get Late! 7" (estrus)
REATARDS - Bed Room Disasters (empty records)
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Station 12"(suicide squeeze) - black/gold
TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR - Ruined Lives (level plane)
V/A - The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 3 - 7" (almost ready) - features the Suspicions, Wax Museums, Romance Novels and Nobunny
WAX MUSEUMS - Claw you Like A Cat 7" (hozac) - red
WAX MUSEUMS - Traffic Violations/She's It Slime 7"
YOUNG WIDOWS - Settle Down City (jade tree)