SHOW Cancelled and Moved

Due to the meter box and copper theft this morning at Pastime Tavern, the venue has no power or A/C, so i had to cancel the show in the best interest of the bands and I didn't want to hang around a bunch of sweaty people in the dark anyway. I know some people are into that sort of scene, but not me.

Anyway, Death is Not a Joyride and Tiger Moth will reschedule, as will iKILLCars.

BUT!! iKILLCars will be playing at Doublewide at 10:30PM sharp and hopefully a house party or something after.


UPDATE: iKillCars showed up late to Dwide, so they weren't able to play, but they did manage to find a house party and played on the rooftop deck at 1AM. A lot of fun.