AKIMBO, Friday Info - mp3s

AKIMBO's newest album, Jersey Shores was recorded with Chris Owens of LORDS, who is playing on Saturday. I really did try to get them to play the show together, but was not successful.

Formerly on Alternative Tentacles, AKIMBO is a thunderous and classic hardcore metal trio from Seattle that has been touring and releasing music for almost 10 years. Their newest effort, Jersey Shores, is their sixth full-length album, which will be released on October 28th by Neurot Recordings.

AKIMBO - mp3s "Wizard Van Wizard" and "Huge Muscles"
FOUR DAYS TO BURN (fort worth)
FIRST CURSE (austin)
October 10th
The Lounge on Elm St
2810 Elm St 75226
Doors at 9PM, Show at 10PM
Free for Ladies 21+
$6 for guys 21+, $10 for 18+