One of the most legendary bands out of the East Coast noise rock scene, ARAB ON RADAR, released a DVD via ThreeOneG Records on September 18th. Titled Sunshine for Shady People, the DVD documents AOR's short history through live, fan and behind-the-scenes footage. Two members of AOR went on to form The Chinese Stars; who will be touring in October, making a stop in Dallas at The Lounge on Elm St on Oct 24th with El Paso Hot Button, Darktown Strutters and Cosmic Cocks.

Parade of Flesh will be hosting DVD Screenings at:
Fallout Lounge, 835 Exposition, 75226 - On Oct. 7th at 9:30PM Sharp before Disco Disqo Djs
Club Dada, 2720 Elm St, 75226 - On Oct. 16th at 8:30PM Sharp before Cocky Americans' Set
The Lounge on Elm St, 2810 Elm St, 75226 - On Oct. 24th at 8PM Sharp before Darktown Strutters' Set

here is a preview: