Akimbo pics, LORDS setlist

On Friday, AKIMBO played their entire new album Jersey Shores (neurot) in its entirity. I thought that was a nice change from most shows I book or go too. Resigned to Fate was really awesome, too bad their last show is coming up at Reno's (opening for Watain) in two weeks. First Curse wasn't everyone's 'cup of tea' but they are slowly making a name for themselves in Austin.
Here are a few pictures I shot with my cell (my videocamera has been acting up, so I didn't bring it):

On Saturday, LORDS completely slayed, but as a two piece. A brutal 23min set with some silly antidotes and inside jokes between lead singer Chris Owens and Josh B of Rubber Gloves. Just a few days into their Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers tour, Chris Owens of the LORDS (louisville, ky) 'dropped' his bassist in so many words. Due to a recent physical altercation between the two men, LORDS are now touring as a duo. Chris was even sporting a shiner on his left eye. I thought it was shitty that everyone left after Children of the Grave. I would love to have Four Days to Burn on another show very soon.
Set list from LORDS last night:
01. Robbed, Raped & Beaten
02. Why I Don't Give a Fuck
03. Waist Deep in Shit
04. Blasphemy Act
05. Fucking with Fire
06. Leginald of Reginald
07. I Know What You're Doing
08. To Kill or Die Trying
09. When No One's Looking
10. Man, Everything Sucks
11. 'Cause All of You Are Fucked
Video from LORDS coming eventually...

here is the blog entry from LORDS' myspace (i was unaware that this was already out there)
Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Why LORDS will be touring as a two piece in October
Trying to keep character defamation to a minimum I'll state just the facts:
LORDS played at Cahoots on Oct 4th.
After the show Matt Jaha refused to load his own bass equipment, and demanded that I do it for him, he also demanded that I pay him "$40 for playing the show" (there was $158 total from the door at the show, all of which was paid to the touring bands, Virgins and Monikers).
Upon refusing both demands, Matt said that I was being "self centered and narcisistic". He complaied that I make him "work for free" in Lords and since he is 1/3rd of the band he wants to be compensated appropriately. I told him that if he wants to share 1/3rd of the profit from LORDS then he can pay me about $2,000 then we would share in the "profit" of the band (which is actually a several thousand dollar deficit caused by merch bills and vehicle upkeep which are all funded by my credit card when the band fund is dry. Matt has never paid out of pocket for any such expenses and the finacial situation of the band was explicitly discussed before he agreed to join the band). He then engaged in what can only be described as a temper tantrum...throwing his gear around the back of the venue. He kicked over and threw down his cabintes, knocking the grill off of one of them, then he picked up my EMC head by the handle on the side of the amp and threw it in to the trailer.
I then punched him in the face. Matt whined a little about how he didn't understand why I did, so I had to explain to him that if he wants to purposely abuse or destroy his own property then (no matter how stupid it may be) that's fine, but if he purposely abuses or destroys property that belongs to anyone else then he should be prepared to accept the consequences (a concept that though easily understood by most was and still is not understood by Matt Jaha).
Matt then says in all seriousness "since you hit me, now you have to let me hit you". I tell him that's not the way it works...that if he wants to step over to the side in a open spot then we can sqaure off propperly, and I'll let him make the first swing...he declines that offer...but decides to take a shot at me a couple of minutes later after the situation has started to diffuse, he caught me a little off guard and got a hit in, then I began pounding his head.
Doug Walker (who plays in two other bands with Matt) and Eric quickly intervene, Doug grabs me from behind and starts pulling me back...Eric try's to get between Matt and I...Matt is pulling my hair...I'm trying to swing around Eric and get to Matt's head....and at one point accidently clip Eric a little...apologizing immediately....the brief exchange is broken up and when the dust settles Jaha has some cosmetic damage but is otherwise fine.
Matt then trys to pull the victim card and makes some comments about how much smaller he is than me (a fact he should have thought about before he took a swing)...and how he didn't want to go on tour anyway, and how he's sick of my "redneck shit". I told him that was cool, that he no longer had to worry about going on tour and that I was tired of his "spoiled rich kid" shit.
There was then a brief debate whether or not he - being the son of a millionaire contractor that feels entitled to things most people define as luxuries, who has no sense of personal responsibility, no respect for other people or other peoples property and who has never been faced with the prospect of real destitution because his dad puts him on company payroll when ever he fucks up and gets fired from a a job - could be described as a spoiled rich kid.
Note, Jaha has already been kicked out of Coliseum, Black Cross and Pusher for various behaviours related to the above mentioned personality traits....and when inviting him to play in Lords I thought that he would have learned something form those experiences but I guess I was wrong.
Needless to say, Matt Jaha will not be playing bass in the band anymore, and rather than cancell the upcoming tour Eric and I decided to do it as a two piece...I just get some more amps to make up for the bass...
When we return home we will be haveing formal bass player tryouts, the list off iron fisted, totallitarian, completley unreasonable and unfair nazi like expectations Eric and I have out of a bass player are:
- be able to play the songs
- be able to tour and leave the country
- be able to practice in louisville ky when necessary
- show up on time for tour and shows
- understand that if you purposely damage or endanger our van, equipment or anything else belonging to us then we will purposely damage or endanger your face.
Interested parties please drop me an email - hfs5yar@gmail.com, or give me a call - 502-751-xxxxx
Chris Owens.