LORDS info, Saturday

I have been wanting, trying and waiting to book the abrasive and sonically assaulting LORDS (Louisville, KY) in Dallas for almost two years. They are worth the wait and I would recommend bringing ear plugs for their set on Saturday night.

LORDS are out in support of their new album Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers, which is being released on October 14th. From their press release:
If you ever wondered what the Pixies would sound like playing Slayer songs Lords is here to put your mind to rest. Like a combination of South of Heaven and Surfa Rosa, the Louisville, KY based band features ex-members of Coliseum and Lick Golden Sky. Lords don’t just write songs. They abuse their listener with an attack strategy of soaring discordant melodies, rock bombasts and grooves all churned together into two minute rock assaults.

Children of the Grave (teenager Black Sabbath cover band)
Resigned to Fate (2nd to last show??)
Saturday, October 10th
the Lounge on Elm St
Doors at 9PM, Music at 10PM
Free for Ladies 21+
$6 for guys 21+, $10 for 18+

Bring ear plugs.