Recently Acquired

"Recently Acquired" has been consistently posted every two weeks, but I made an exception this week because a lot came through.

AKIMBO - Navigating the Bronze 12" (alternative tentacles)
AKIMBO - Forging Steel and Laying Stone 12" (alternative tentacles)
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - Freedom Metal (cruz del sur)
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL/VALIYRIE - Split 7" (heavy birth) - red vinyl
BLOOD OF THE SUN - Death Ride 12" (brainticket)
DEMONS CLAWS - Fucked On Ketamine/Always Be My Friend 7" (rob's house) 1000 presssed, all black.
GOLDEN TRIANGLE - Prize Fighter, Red Coats/Night Brigade 7" (rob's house) gold 45, 100 pressed. 500 in black were also pressed.
HUNX & HIS PUNK - You Don't Like Rock N Roll/Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love 7" (rob's house) - clear 45, 100 pressed. 500 black pressed too. Already out of print. Features a scratch off cover sleeve

MONOTONIX - Body Language (drag city) - A Jewish Jimi Hendrix on Guitar, Borat on Drums and Gallagher on Vocals.

The NIGHTMARCHERS - 2008 Tour 7"s #1 and #2 (swami) - Both are hand stamped by John Reiss, who has a habit of pressing Tour Only 7" releases, as they did with his last band Hot Snakes. #1 is the black stamped 7" and features the songs Scene Report ( ? cover), Big Enough and Love Death & Cell. #2 is the red stamped 7" and has two songs, which are Rock-a by Maybe & Mystery Machine.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - S/T 12" (important) - pink, 2nd pressing ltd to ???
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - Missing You/Sunbeam 7", I Know I'll See You/Half Awake 7", Breathe/Runaround 7" (vacancy) - Fully silkscreened sleeves pulled by band. Set limited to 500 copies

RESIGNED TO FATE - Hands Tied Down 12" (dada drumming) - red with black splatter
The SELMENAIRES - Princess Illusionist Frankenstein/Beneath The Brights 7" (rob's house) 500 pressed, all black.

SIAN ALICE GROUP - The Dusk Line 12", Remix 12" (the social registry)
SIAN ALICE GROUP - 59.59 dbl 12" (the social registry) - gatefold sleeve w. digital download
SIAN ALICE GROUP - Nightsong 7" (the social registry) - 750 hand numbered
SONIC CHICKEN 4 - Midnight Girl/Toe Man 7" (rob's house) blue 45, 100 pressed. 500 black. Already out of print