Monotonix Review and Slideshow

Here is an article from the DC9 Blog on the Monotonix/El Paso Hot Button/Best Fwends/Rival Gang show this past Thursday. There is a Photo Slideshow as well.

Note: The Monotonix show ran a little late because City of Dallas Fire Marshals came in for a surprise inspection right when Monotonix was about to play. I think the inspectors would have had a heart attack if they witnessed Monotonix's opening song when they lit the drumsticks and cymbals on fire. Due to that and Monotonix's reputation for live antics, I chose to delay the show until the Fire Marshals left. Sorry to those with surface dweller jobs that the show did not end at midnight.

My review: The Dallas show was actually better and more intimate than the Austin gig. And I personally think the line-up was rounded off well with Best Fwends and Rival Gang on the Dallas bill. Both shows were brutal and chaotic, but my friends and I had more fun in the small environment at The Lounge on Elm St over the Outside of Mohawk. Mohawk is still a stellar, top notch venue, probably one of the best in the country. The Dallas show was the most fun I have had at a show in years. Monotonix reminds me of the live antics of OXES blended with the shoving match crowd at a Lightning Bolt show.

Additional photos and video coming soon.

UPDATE: Sonic Itch show review and pictures from Austin.