Burning Brides Tonight!

And the band that I have probably seen the most times: The consistently "awesome live" power rock trio BURNING BRIDES are playing at the lovely, House of Rules tonight; opening for Fu Manchu. Filling out paperwork/waivers prior to filming a band is always a good time. Burning Brides shows in Dallas tend to be a bit more energetic, since the bass player has family here.

"Ring Around the Rosary" last summer, at Double-Wide

So stoner rock legends Fu Manchu still release less than stellar albums and unfortunately continue to tour. They suffer from a case of "when good bands go bad". Fu Manchu will never surpass their previous releases (Man's Ruin/Mammoth era), such as the GODZILLA Ep, Eatin' Dust or even King of the Road.. I am going to give it a chance, just to hear some of the older tunes.

Edit: check out Brides website; they actually update it. Dimitri recently interviewed William Reid of The Jesus & Mary Chain.