Tonight and Monday

Sunday, March 16th at Double-Wide on Commerce St.
$8, 21+ only. sorry kids. Doors at 7:30. Show will end at midnight
PARTS & LABOR (brooklyn) - Cardboard Records/Jagjaguar - First tour with their new drummer. "Fractured Skies" and "A Great Divide"
TORCHE (Atlanta/Miami) - Robotic Empire - Heavy and sludgy, yet very melodic metal.
PTERODACTYL - Cardboard Records "Esses" / "Three Succeed"
SHOOTING SPIRES - BJ from P & L's bedroom side-project. Very rare performance with a full band. One of only two shows on the entire tour with P & L and Shooting Spires on the bill. "Right"
image by zachary broadhurst

MONDAY, March 17th at the CAVERN, 18+: 7:30pm; will end by midnight.
DIE! DIE! DIE! (NZ) - Sideways here we come / Auckland is Burning
the TERRORDACTYLS - Devices/Fall
MIKE BONES - Loves Not Yours / Rake / Pope John Paul
silkscreen will be avail.. done by James Heimer