Tonight's info and NEXT MONDAY's Info

TONIGHT at Pastime, 18+, BYOL 7Pm, will end by midnight.
FOREIGN ISLANDS (brooklyn) - disco-electro punk
MODEY LEMON (pittsburgh) - garage/psychedelic revival (on mute and birdman records) mp3 Mountain Mist
THESE ARE POWERS (brooklyn/chicago) - self-labeled "ghost-punk" featuring one North Texas Alum and the Liars old drummer. mp3 of Chipping Ice
Prince William to dj inbetween

Pastime Tavern : $8, 18+, 7PM BYOL. beer, wine and setups.
1503 S. Ervay St. 75215 (between Ambassador and Lee Harvey's)
Located on the corner of st.paul/ervay and Sullivan Dr.

NEXT MONDAY, March 17th at the CAVERN, 18+: 7:30pm; will end by midnight.
DIE! DIE! DIE! (NZ) - Sideways here we come / Auckland is Burning
the TERRORDACTYLS - Devices/Fall
MIKE BONES - Loves Not Yours / Rake / Pope John Paul
silkscreen will be avail.. done by James Heimer